• I’d like to take a poll to see how many of the vehicles involved in an accident in SEH’s are actual residents of SEH. I bet most of the vehicles are owned by those who “cut through” SEH for convenience purposes. If we can ban those cutting through the community, traffic would be reduced probably by 40% slowing down the rate of motor vehicle accidents. Just a guess.

  • Rick I bet your right about accidents. The new Sheriff Captain has said that his deputies tell him that 60% of the speed violations are from residents. The City and it’s contracted enforcement agency The SD County Sheriff are getting mixed messages from SEH residents about enfrocement-Too much vs. Too Little and I think they find this frustrating.

    • You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you want to live in a safe community with safe drivers that don’t go 20mph over the speed limit, you need to enforce it, and enforce it hard. No question about it. I’m surprised there are not more cycling vs motor vehicle accidents. Maybe San Marcos should create a bikers lane like the 101. Just kidding. We need flashing slow down signs and flashing your current speed signs. If you really want to fix the problem(I believe), you need major speed bumps along the downtown stretch of SEH. Speed bumps that work, not little ramps to catch air. Speed bumps that will ruin your car if you go too fast over them.

      • What about bot dots or warning textures not sure The City will go for speed bumps. Replacing stop lights with stop signs was another suggestion to ponder.

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