San Elijo Hills Visitor’s Center Sells for $2M


HomeFed Corp/San Elijo Development. sold the office building at 1215 San Elijo Road in San Marcos, CA, to Robert E. Goetz for $1.95 million, or approximately $300 per square foot.

The two-story property was formerly the San Elijo Hills Visitor’s Center Sells for $2M office and visitor’s center for San Elijo Hills. It was completed in 2001 and measures 6,450 square feet.

The buyer plans to occupy the property with a marketing company and an eatery. Kevin Farrell, Deborah Hunkeler and Jay Arnett of Cushman & Wakefield represented the seller. Doug Harwood of Coldwell Banker represented the buyer.


  • That downstairs space is the best location in SEH. I hope they will consider an eatery with a bar area and a place for neighbors to meet for a drink. It’s what most people are waiting for here. By the looks of Peppertree, I don’t see that it is going to happen. All the cafe’s in the space have failed, so if I were them, I would consider it.

  • I bet it’s not possible to get a liquor license or Beer and Wine lic so close to a school? just a thought

  • Correct. Alcoholic beverage outlets are not permitted within 600 feet of public or private schools, public parks, playgrounds, recreational areas or churches, according to the city’s Department of Development Services.

    • Never thought of that! Good point. I guess that means that none of retails shops can be used for a wine bar or cafe type place. One of the online polls I saw has that as the highest rated thing people want.

  • I don’t know. I think that at least some of the locations in the center portion of the towncenter (the part closest to the gas station) will be more than 600 feet away from the school.

  • what kind of business is planned for that open retail space that is closest to the albertson’s? a really nice restaurant/cafe with outdoor dining would nice in that open space.

  • Not sure, but if it’s 600 feet or less from the school, it won’t be a restaurant/cafe that serves alcohol (which is what most people want).

  • I heard it might be a pizza place. I’m also betting that there won’t be any places serving alcohol until they build and open the rest of the retail in the undeveloped center section.

  • it is just plain ridiculous how long it’s taken for all of this to get built. we moved in 2005 and were told that everything would be built and done by the next year. we were lied to — cause it’s almost the end of 2009 and that center retail space has yet to be developed.

  • It IS just plain ridiculous and 600 feet is like two football fields. is that center section even far enough away from the school to serve alcohol?? We moved in here 2003 so I feel your frustration!

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