San Elijo Life Anounces the Daily Dalia

San Elijo Life is pleased to announce a new column “The Daily Dalia”

Dalia will post when somthing sparks her interest. The Daily Dalia will take shape over the next few months …so check back.

Please comment below or write in with a question for Dalia.

Here is Dalia’s 1st few posts:

I thought my first “opinion” of this new column would be my biggest pet peeve of my entire life…rude cell phone people. Can someone please tell me why people think they can talk whenever, wherever and however LOUD they want on their phone? I don’t want to know about your date last night or what disease your uncle has. PLEASE…there is a word…“CONSIDERATION”…live by it…plain and simple!

CROCS…If I have to hear one more time “they’re comfortable” I will die! I don’t care how comfortable they are…if you are over the age of 5 you should not be wearing them. They have to be the most ridiculous shoe I have seen and I grew up wearing earth shoes! I must say though, I have seen new design’s coming out…I will get back to you later on that! I find it odd that it’s more men I see wearing them…why is that? But now my gay son would not be caught dead in them…I know we shouldn’t stereotype but what is our conclusion?


  • Hey Dalia,

    With the price of gas through the roof (I won’t get you started on that…) and all my other expenses, do you have any money saving tips?


    P.S. Love the column.

  • Hey Jritt,

    Money saving tips…one of my favorite. Let me start with Albertsons (or any major chain), when your in the meat section ALWAYS check the one area they have that is designated for meat that is just about to go past its date. It is usually 1/2 price and you can always freeze it if you are not ready to eat (I have asked the buther and they said freezing is fine). Also, always check the ad first…you may be missing a great deal if you don’t read it.
    Keep reading…there will always be more tips!

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