San Elijo Park to Receive New Playground Equipment

The City of San Marcos has plans to replace the playground set located off of Elfin Forest Road at San Elijo Park.  This is necessary because of the wear that is showing on the existing set as well as the ongoing repairs.  The City will also be changing out the surface under the equipment to engineered wood fiber, which was selected because of its safe fall surface rating and handicapped accessibility.  To accommodate the desired sand play, a large sand box with a seat wall will be installed adjacent to the play area.   The new playgrounds will feature a 2-5 year old play set and a 5-12 year old play set. Both sets as well as the sand box will have shade cover.
The demolition of the old set, re-grading and installation of the new equipment will take place this spring.  Exact work dates will posted a minimum of one week ahead of time at the play area.

Questions or comments may directed to Parks Manager Sheila Busch or 760-752-7550 x3339.

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