San Elijo resident announces his campaign for school board

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce that I am a candidate for the San Marcos School Board.

In this political season, we are going to hear quite a bit from national candidates across the spectrum about the quality of public education in America. There seems to be wide agreement that our public schools are not adequately preparing children for the jobs of the 21st century and that too many children are getting “left behind.”

Yet those of us with children in San Marcos Unified School District believe that our district and our schools are an exception to this conventional thinking. Why? Because even in the face of unprecedented budget challenges, we know that our kids are attending school on campuses that are generally safe, clean and well-equipped, and are being taught by dedicated teachers working hard to ensure our kids are prepared to move on to the next level.

But, as is always the case, we can do better.

Our students deserve high expectations from their district leaders, and a curriculum which demands the best from them. Students and families also deserve a positive learning environment, which includes modern campuses, motivated teachers, and a campus culture that encourages success. If elected, my ongoing mission as a board member will be to promote academic excellence, maintain fiscal prudence, and to support programs that give all students in the district the opportunity to succeed.

Visit my website to learn more about me and my campaign.

You can help my campaign.

A successful school board campaign requires broad support from the entire community. Here’s how you can help.

  • Host an event. Whether it’s one person for coffee or a hundred for lunch, I would love the opportunity to speak with people about this race, our schools, and my hopes for the district.
  • Make a contribution. Campaigns cost money, and I would be honored and humbled to receive contributions of any size. Please click here to donate.
  • Become an official supporter. With your permission, I’d like to include your name on my website as a supporter, giving your friends and neighbors a connection to my campaign. Please reply to this email and say, “Randy, feel free to use my name,” to be included.
  • Put a sign in your yard. This is one of the most helpful things a supporter can do, and a simple way to make a big impact.
  • Forward this email. I want to meet as many new people as I can, starting now. Please forward this email to others who might be interested in my campaign.

If you have suggestions about how I can run a better campaign, or you’d like to talk about the district, I encourage you to contact me.


Randy Walton
SMUSD School Board Candidate

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