San Marcos City Council Approves The AT&T Cell Tower 4-1 in San Elijo Hills


Tuesday evening the San Marcos City Council approved a AT&T 35 foot – 12 antenna cell tower tree in San Elijo Hills.

The vote was 4-1, with only council member Chris Orlando voting against the cell tower. Orlando failed to convince his fellow San Marcos City Council members to kill the AT&T tower at this location and look at other options. This cell tower will be placed next to the shorter and smaller T-Mobile tower currently at this site.

Some San Elijo Hills residents were able to initiate some debate between the City Council and City Planners. A group of San Elijo Hills residents stressed to the City Council that if they approve this cell tower Verizon, who withdrew their permit to see if the AT&T tower is approved, will also be at this site creating a “cell tower farm”  just over 100 yards South of the intersection of Twin Oaks and Double Peak Road fingered into a privately owned parcel and adjacent to current and future San Elijo Hills homes. San Elijo Hills currently has cell towers in the San Elijo Park baseball field light stations.

Watch video of the San Marcos City Council debate.

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