San Marcos City Council names new San Marcos Creek Project park “Paseo del Arroyo”

At their meeting on May 25, the San Marcos City Council voted unanimously to name the new 3-acre park being developed as part of the City’s $104 million San Marcos Creek Project, “Paseo del Arroyo,” which translates to “Creek Walk” in English.  This action comes after a four-month process involving community input and review by the Parks and Recreation Commission before the name recommendation was sent to City Council. The San Marcos Creek team will continue to make progress on the project, including the construction of the new park, which is expected to be complete in Spring 2023.

“This park’s new name is something all residents of San Marcos can be proud of,” said Mayor Rebecca Jones. “This action taken by our City Council is a milestone in the San Marcos Creek Project that gives us the opportunity to look back on our City’s past while also envisioning the future of our community together.”

About the park naming process

The City’s Parks and Recreation Commission considered the following categories in their name recommendations:

  • Individual: The park is named in recognition of a community member who has contributed significantly to the quality of life in San Marcos or has provided a substantial donation towards construction and/or maintenance of the park, recreation or trail in the community.
  • Organization: The park name pays tribute to an organization which has provided a substantial donation towards construction and/or maintenance of the park.
  • Neighborhood / geographic location: The park name is identified by the geographic location, surrounding features or common name the area is known by in the community.
  • History and community character: The park name provides a link to San Marcos’ history and character.

Community members were able to send their recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Commission in February and March. After review of the proposed names and written narratives to support the nominations, the Commission narrowed their selection to two recommendations which they sent to the City Council.

The name “Paseo del Arroyo,” which translates to “Creek Walk,” was submitted by a community member who envisioned fusing the area’s Spanish Heritage into the park name.

The Parks and Recreation Commission agreed with these sentiments, stating in the staff report, “Our Hispanic community has also provided significant contributions to our city’s thriving economy. We feel it is prudent that this park’s name be in Spanish as an opportunity to reflect to our city’s shared heritage and represent the people that live in the heart of the city.”

About Paseo del Arroyo Park
The 3-acre park is adjacent to the San Marcos Creek and Discovery Street, between Bent Avenue and Via Vera Cruz. The new park will feature:

  • A .65-mile trail
  • A playground area
  • Interpretive signs
  • Vistas/Overlooks
  • 100, 15-gallon trees
  • Solar pedestrian lighting
  • Picnic tables and seating
  • Gathering spaces

The park was designed for nearby residents and guests to walk or bike to, so they can utilize the surrounding 1.2-mile trail, enjoy a small playground and take in views of the Creek. There is no plan for a parking lot or on-street parking spaces as part of this project. Its location will provide a new level of access to the Creek and the surrounding preserved habitat. Dogs, on leash, will be allowed along the trail and within the park.

About the Creek Project

In addition to creating new outdoor spaces for San Marcos residents to enjoy, the Creek project will add the needed infrastructure to relieve long-standing flooding issues and improve traffic circulation while revitalizing and preserving the San Marcos Creek. The project will: 

  • Minimize flooding risks 
  • Preserve and enhance creek habitat
  • Build the new Paseo del Arroyo Park, trails and gathering spaces

Construction crews continue to make progress on the project, which started active construction in Spring 2020 and is expected to wrap up in Spring 2023.