San Marcos City Council takes positions on two California propositions

The San Marcos City Council adopted positions on two California ballot initiatives at their Sept. 14 meeting. The propositions will appear on the November 2 ballot. Council members voted unanimously to oppose Proposition 19, the “Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010” and to support Proposition 22, the “Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act of 2010”.

In opposing Proposition 19, the City Council joined a broad coalition of law enforcement and community organizations throughout California including the California Police Chiefs Association, the California Narcotics Officers Association, International Faith Based Coalition, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, California Chamber of Commerce, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore, and the California District Attorneys Association. Opponents of Proposition 19 argue that the proposal could put residents’ public safety at risk by allowing Californians to possess, use and grow marijuana without limits on how much an individual could grow or proper enforcement mechanisms for evaluating impairment. The City Council cited quality of life and public safety as their top reasons for opposition.

If approved, Proposition 22 would amend the California Constitution to prevent the state from taking local revenue away from cities to balance its budget. This measure builds on Proposition 1A which limited state takes of local revenue streams and was approved in November 2004 by nearly 84% of California voters. The City Council believes that passage of Proposition 22 would provide the City with improved certainty in budgeting and planning public infrastructure and improvement projects. Council believes that passage of Proposition 22 would protect the City’s ability to achieve its goals for the Creek District and other planned infrastructure improvements.

Proposition 22 is supported by a broad statewide coalition that includes the California Fire Chiefs Association, California Police Chiefs Association, San Diego County Fire Chiefs’ Association, League of California Cities, California Special Districts Association, California Contract Cities Association, San Diego County Taxpayers Association, San Diego Tax Fighters, California Chamber of Commerce, and dozens of cities and counties.

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