San Marcos Sheriff investigation at San Marcos City Community Center in San Elijo Hill

San Marcos Sheriff is conducting a suicide investigation at San Marcos City Community Center in San Elijo Hills. We have pulled the details and ask for respect for the family and friends, this is a sad event.

pre- school will be open for afternoon session.


  • This is very disturbing and sad to hear. I heard this might have originally been reported as a homicide.

  • After hearing this I’m not so sure I would want to take my child to this preschool. It’s absolutely tragic that this has occured!

  • has anyone heard any details about what exactly happened? i’ve been searching the internet and no one seems to have reported on this. i live in morgan’s corner, so pretty close to the community center.

  • Can someone please direct us to a source where we can get further information on this story? All kinds of rumors are floating around the schools, and it would be nice to receive some type of confirmation that this was not a homicide, or that a child was not involved, or (fill in the blank). I understand none of us want to dwell on this, and certainly our hearts go out to the family, but it is not good for the community to be left in the dark when such a tragic event occured in a very public place.

  • i live right around the corner…. we play at the park ever morning!!!! super sad but even more scary… why that way and why right there???? I too have been looking for info and cant find anything…

  • It was a suicide and no minors were involved and it had no connection to the San Marcos Community Center. Why that location? Not sure I bet the condos had something to do with it. If you still need more details you can find them on Twitter and Facebook. We removed the details and reports that we control out of respect for the family, friends and the community of SEH. We live in a safe place, the crime statistics prove that.

    This is a sad event, life is not easy

    • Is this San Elijo Hills or Stepford???
      Pretty crazy to decide to step in and not report a news event…Creepy really.

  • i understand respecting the family and friends. but i’m just finding it a little weird that no information has been reported anywhere on the web.

  • I agree… I guess I just have some unanswered questions… Plus I have been hearing helicopters over the past couple of days off and on all day??? Why here? Why that way? Who does something like that? Was it a joke gone bad, early Halloween prank?? The trees are not that tall, did he have help?? Did he leave a note?? I’m not trying to make this harder on the family, I just would like to know… So I can have some peace!!!!

    • wife of suicide victim

      your comments were heartless, irresponsible and the lack of compassion an example of how desensitized society has become.His name was Robbie..He was the father of our eight year old little boy,who will probably read these comments someday.Robbie was a son,a big brother,an uncle ,he was a your local surfer who grew up in encinitas.

  • Local print news has changed with fewer on the ground reporters and it’s always strange what the TV station choose to pick up.Twitter and Craigslist and Google ads are changing media landscape.

  • So, Hills Local, we live in a safe place except for the condos? What does that mean?

  • i’m not understanding the cryptic nature of everything that’s going on regarding this situation. i find it hard to believe that not one single hit is coming up on the internet and Hills Local’s mysterious responses aren’t making any sense. and i don’t get the condos remark either.

  • NRH-…my speculative point that I wish I had made clear or not made at all. Is the location was picked because of view from condos.

  • i looked on facebook and twitter and didnt really find anything???????????????

  • This is really getting rather frustrating. At this point, I’m starting to wonder how many other “incidents” get swept under the rug, simply because the pristine image of SEH might get tarnished (i.e. real estate sales might be impacted).

    How many other crimes simply don’t get reported, or get reported as something other than what really occured?

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t the local gas station been robbed at gunpoint on more than one occasion (once, with school age children present)? Yet, when I try to pull reports of the incidents, some BS about “commercial vandalism” is offered as an explanation.

    What’s with the recent police helicoptor “fly-bys?”

    What is really going on around here?

    Stepford, indeed.

    • I must say that what a wonderful neighborhood we live in and what a great community we have. As we all know, sometimes things happen that we just can not fathom. I just want to send my prayers to the family and anyone who knew this certain individual. I do hope that in the near near future we can get answers to our questions, because just like the family needs closure, so does our community and those who had witnessed the aftermath of this unfortunate incident. Those who had witnessed the tarps and coroner investigating the situation, I’m sure have had a difficult time dealing with, why there and what was the motive??! Closure is certainly necessary for all.

  • I knew this family, personally, for several years. The person was mentally ill for a long time. From what I understand, there was no “motive” for choosing this location, just the place the person was at the time the decision was made, most likely. The family does need privacy at this time, as well as ,our community needs peace of mind. In my opinion, from all that I know, this was an isolated event, involving NO children, the location was random, and the event that occurred had much more to do with the person needing to become freed from himself rather than scaring any of us. I hope this information finds peace for all so that we can all send love to the family and move on with peace of mind…

  • I would like to say Thank you San Elijo Life for always reporting on the news in San Elijo Hills. I can always go to your website and feel confident that you are working on providing the community the most update information. This subject was a little tricky, but I think you handled it with grace and respect. While we all wanted more information to try to get our arms around the situation, find some peace and closure with this story; it just appears that there was not a lot of confirmed information available to report. Thank you to the person who responded and provided answers to our questions. It was very helpful. At the end of the day, we all just want the truth.
    Keep up the good work San Elijo Life

    PS. I love your New T-shirt you are selling. Very cute. Thanks for delivering to my home.

  • Thank you!!!! The family is in my prayers!!!!!!

  • This is just heartbreaking news. We left the area because we were not happy with the “stepford” feel of the area. Neighbors who do not talk to each other and so many very sad people in desperate positions. We know of at least two men who took their lives while we lived there….none of these suicides were ever published.
    We also found out many of the homes in the area are renting out rooms to addicts and they are basically “Recovery Homes”

    • Yeah right. This sounds like a bitter San Marcos resident making stuff up about the hated SEH. Get a life.

      • No, I am not bitter. If you read my statement correctly you will find that I find this so heartbreaking. Other people on this thread referred to the community as “stepford” I did not coin the phrase. Suicides are not usually made public knowledge. My point about the “Recovery Homes” is based on my knowledge a recovery home should be licensed with the County and the HOA should know about them as should neighbors….for the communities safety. Of the few I know about they are not licensed and they are bringing people with very little sober time into the neighborhoods…for profit. I commend anyone who is in a recovery program.

    • You’ve got to be joking…”;neighbors that do not talk to each other”??? I’ve lived in several neighborhoods and I’ve NEVER encountered a community like this one…anywhere. During the evacuations two years ago during the fires, all our neighbors pitched in and helped each other. No one left until they knew everyone else was ok or didn’t need any further help. Shame on people like you who go out and spread ill will over things that can and do happen everywhere, not just here. Also…fyi, it takes two to make a relationship, maybe you need to look at yourself and see why people don’t talk to you.

      • I am sorry that you took my comment so harshly… have was my understanding when this website was set up it was so people could comment on their experiences. I was not trying to spread ill will. You must live in a great neighborhood to have so much help when the fires came…good for you 🙂 I still have great friends in the area and cherish our friendships!
        I was just commenting on my experience….

  • Re: SEH as a Stepford community. I don’t think it is uncommon for suicides not to be reported as “news.” The shock, sadness and grief suffered by families whose loved ones commit suicide, coupled with feelings that they could have done something to prevent the suicide, warrant such incidences worthy of privacy. Furthermore, it is NOT news, it is gossip…a tragedy and NOBODY’s business! Clearly, the dead man directed his hurt or anger or shame at himself and there is no further danger to anyone else. As far as the location is concerned, it is scary that this happened in front of the preschool–fortunately no children were impacted. Bad stuff happens… EVERYWHERE, even here in SEH. When I was young, we lived in Mission Hills, a very affluent community–I was approached by a neighborhood pedophile, my mom protected me and I am fine–point is, doesn’t matter where you live…
    I still think this is a great community–my kids have gotten a fantastic education, have great friends, are involved in sports and my neighbors are a tight group always willing to help out. Like Debbie said, during the fires, my neighbors acted together, two gentlemen in particular knocked on all the doors to make sure everyone had heard about the evacuation.
    I truly believe there is more good in the world. If you want to do something positive… stop the gossip and paranoia and get into action–help the mentally ill.recovering substance abusers, the elderly. Oh, and “Z”, recovery homes are for people (key word there is people) who are trying to recover from their addictions–an admirable pursuit. They usually have been sober for a while prior to entering the recovery homes.
    Thanks to the writer who cleared up the details for those who were hearing untrue information and were worried about their families.

  • What this site did is called censorship and causes more harm than good. Speculation is almost always worse than the truth. When I couldn’t find anything online about this, I was apalled. My children go, or used to go, to the preschool right there where the hanging occurred. I believe I have every right to know every known detail about this event, so I, as a member of the community can be informed about where I live. It has always been te freedom of the press to report such things for precicely the reasons I’ve pointed out. Stepford indeed!

  • Many sad and bad news in the neighborhood lately but this site or their publishers also announce all good news and events. I like this site and the role it plays in our community. The simple fact that they give readers the option to publish news, opinions or ideas is great. This discussion is the proof, if they decide to edit what they publish should be respected for reasons they explained. We all want to know details, perhaps to feel a bit more safer or concerned, but I think what NM posted is should be enough for now and it is appreciated. If the family decides later to come up with an additional statement, that’s fine, if not, that should be also respected.
    Our prayers are with the family.