By Vic Armijo

Last year former elite triathlete Kenny Souza—now a full-time employee at Clif Bar—rode an inspired RAAM to take 4th in the Solo Enduro Category. His initial plan for this year’s race was for another solo attempt. “I learned so much last year, all the ins and outs of doing it. Of course there are two ways of doing it—competing in it—or trying to win the thing. To try to win you really gotta have the support,” he said. “I kind of set a deadline of January one to get sponsorship. Otherwise doing RAAM is a great hobby to have, but…” When his self-imposed January deadline came and went he decided to return to the category that had inspired him to do Solo RAAM in the first place. “We fielded a Clif Bar team in’05 and had a ball. So when it became apparent that another solo wasn’t in the cards for me I called a bunch of guys at Clif Bar and got together a team. For company morale it’s huge. It’s really fun preparing for it and of course winning the thing. READ THE ENTIRE STORY ON

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