Shocking Vandalism in San Elijo Hills

Message sprayed on utility box in San Elijo Hills. (San Diego 6 News)

Early Wednesday morning on the back of the large 30 foot SEH development sign listing new homes for sale near the San Elijo Entry Monument/Gas Station In bold red paint and large print DEATH TO ( the N’s word) and OBAMA…

The sign is highly visible as you head south on San Elijo Road leaving SEH on your left side…at 8:30 it had been politely covered with paper.

UPDATE: It turns out the San Elijo Hills area was tagged in 6 locations Sheriff’s deputies are investigating. The city is offering a $1,000 award to anyone who provides information that can help determine who was responsible. Anonymous tips can be posted at

San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond said in a statement Thursday afternoon saying he is disturbed that the graffiti was found in his city. “This is a shameful display of hate and absolutely will not be tolerated in our community,” he said.

In addition earlier in the week a political sign was vandalized with the graffiti “No Unions”

We find this kind of political & hate expression revolting…thoughts SEH?

San Marcos City Graffiti Hotline 760 591-9100

San Diego News 6 Picks up the story click to see video

Union Tribune coverage

North County Times coverage


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