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Vallecitos Water District Users Cuts Water Use By 38 Percent in May

Vallecitos Water District Users Cuts Water Use By 38 Percent in May

Statewide water use was cut 29%.

Conservation efforts by the San Elijo Hills Community Association with cuts in common area irrigation and efforts by homeowners in San Elijo Hills, is reflecting in the 29% reduction in May for Vallecitos Water District.


24% reduction for Vallecitos Water District Customers


New emergency drought restrictions for Vallecitos Water District customers hit residents Monday, June 1 in response to increased statewide restrictions on all water users.

On May 20, 2015, Vallecitos’ Board of Directors adopted emergency drought restrictions under Ordinance 195 that limits all outdoor irrigation, excluding certified agricultural or commercial growers, during the months of June through October to 2 unassigned days per week/8 minutes per station. If demands are not reduced by 24%, additional enforcement may be needed and the District may need to reduce watering to 1 assigned day per week.

To help the District achieve water conservation targets, Vallecitos staff began patrolling the community looking for water waste in May. Almost all of the violations being found are for sprinkler runoff, which occurs when the water from the sprinklers over-sprays or drains onto hard surfaces, such as the sidewalk or gutter.

For more information, water saving tips or to report water waste, please visit www.vwd.org or call Vallectios Water District at (760) 744-0460.