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San Elijo Hills – Sidewalk Saturday “SHOPPING IN THE SQUARE” San Elijo Hills Townsquare May 7, 2011

San Elijo Hills – Sidewalk Saturday
San Elijo Hills Townsquare
May 7, 2011
2:00 – 6:00 pm
Grab your friends & family and head to the San Elijo Hills Town Square to
shop for unique specialty gifts, art, crafts, jewelry, stationery, and
accessories. You might just find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day! There will
also be fun activities for the kids and food available!

Do you have something unique to sell? Deadline to submit*: April 29th or Until Sold Out  Anyone interested in reserving a vendor booth or for more information on Sidewalk Saturday events, should contact the San Elijo Hills Foundation at sehfoundation@sanelijohills.net or call (760)798-9015. Click here for details

Mama, It’s time to get your Body Back!

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Body Back® :

  • 2 Workouts per week in a small group format
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  • Online Coaching and Support

Body Back® Maintenance :

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Body Back:

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Body Back Maintenance :

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Interview with Kristal Jabara candidate for San Marcos City Council

Here is an interview with Kristal Jabara candidate for San Marcos City Council. San Elijo Life has invited all candidates for council the answer the same set of questions.

Why should the residents in San Elijo Hills vote for you?

My family moved to San Elijo Hills three years ago, because we enjoyed the community feel, the central location, and all of the amenities this area provided.  Previous to that time I had lived in other areas of San Marcos and truly came to love the city of San Marcos.  As a Planning Commissioner, I am working to replace the city’s outdated plan for homes, shopping, and businesses with an updated plan that uses community oriented planning.  As the President of the San Marcos Economic Development Corporation, I have been working to attract new businesses that bring jobs to our city.  As a wife and mother, I am working to create a vibrant city and will continue expanding parks and other recreational opportunities that we enjoy.  On City Council, I will continue working to create an attractive city with a high quality of life that will attract new companies that create local jobs for San Marcos.

How can the council help address aggressive cut through traffic and school traffic in San Elijo Hills?

Traffic and safety are top priorities for me and I believe public safety is at the center of a thriving city.  Aggressive cut through, as well as, local traffic will be an issue that we will have to constantly monitor.  I believe the best deterrent of unsafe driving is increased traffic patrols, continual placement of speed reminders, and utilizing the city’s traffic demand center.  The city has a state-of-the-art traffic center where they can monitor and change traffic patterns through light synchronization.  The majority of funding for this was and is grant money.  I would like to continue utilizing the latest technology to assist the cities traffic department.  We who live in San Elijo Hills must also remember to watch our driving especially during school hours.  Residents and city officials need to have constant communication with law enforcement to stay on top traffic patrols.  As the community and schools grow we have to invest time and money in traffic flow analysis for our schools.  The plan that was created when the school was opened won’t necessarily be the best plan for the future.  The people who live in this community are it’s most valuable resource for solving problems, so encouraging citizens to join the traffic commission or at least attending meetings to inform the city what seems to be working or not working.  The Deputy Sheriff Association has endorsed me because safety is my top priority.

What is your position on Proposition K?

I am fully in support and have been campaigning for Proposition K.  Our schools and children are our number one resource and they deserve to have the best.  Test scores continue to rise in San Marcos, our students, schools, and parents are working hard to create a positive learning environment for our students; safe, well functioning schools are a must.  Beyond the improvement of schools for the student’s sake, quality schools raise property values and will attract new businesses to our city.  Proposition K is an investment in our future.

How can the city of San Marcos work with San Elijo Development to complete the San Elijo Hills Town Center?

I don’t believe any of us anticipated the down turn in the economy to last so long.  Because of this, the completion of  development projects has been delayed longer than anyone would like to see, especially the developers.  As residents we can first and foremost patronize our local retail and business establishments.  Spending our money in our community will help keep businesses thriving and attract new business.  We can also help keep our homes and neighborhoods beautiful; this will help keep property values up.  We must also look at the entire city and keeping it thriving and healthy so we can retain all of the amenities we enjoy, such as the highest level of fire and safety, graffiti cleanup, maintained parks and community centers, and other vital services.  We need to spend our tax dollars in San Marcos and not let other cities enjoy the benefits of our tax revenue.  And, please, vote Yes on Proposition 22; tell the State to leave our redevelopment money in San Marcos and not use it to cover their budget deficits.  If the city loses our RDA money they will not be able to assist in future projects that will improve our city.

What is your position on changes to the San Marcos general plan?

I am in-favor of updating the general plan.  I have attended General Plan Update Committee workshops and meetings to share my ideas and find out what others want in the city.  There are people from San Elijo Hills on the GPAC committee and they are working hard to help assist the city to create a new plan that will help us grow in a positive way.  I was the public spokeswoman for the No On Proposition O campaign two years ago, I went door to door to fight a measure that would slash property values and stunt economic expansion in San Marcos.  We defeated proposition O, but unless we update our General Plan we will continually be faced with propositions that attempt ballot-box-planning, limit expansion, and be detrimental to our quality of life.

What is your position on future housing and commercial development around San Elijo Hills (Creekside District, and university area projects, recycling plant, Quathaven and Attebury road area)?

I have been in support of both the Creekside and University District development projects.  Both projects include new homes, upscale shops, office space, live/work condos, and entertainment.  These projects will help bring construction and long-term employment to our city.  As a Planning Commission, I take a very serious look at every project that comes before me.  I evaluate every detail and only approve the ones that have a positive impact on the entire city.  Traffic, infrastructure, and quality of life are important when considering any new project.  I believe in community forums and workshops so neighbor can have input prior to any plans being approved.  On City Council, I would have this same approach for any new projects being proposed.

What are your goals to improve the quality of life in San Marcos, such as events, parks, and trails?

First, we must be able to fund and sustain the projects or events that we consider to improve or maintain our quality of life.  We must continue to grow and preserve our reserve account, grow revenue, decrease unnecessary spending, and maintain a balanced budget to keep our city thriving.  Parks and trails have always been a priority, just last year I voted to approve the new South Lake Park that will link even more trails.  San Marcos has many events that are growing in popularity, but we are still searching for a signature event.  I believe this can’t be forced and as our city grows we will explore many different possibilities that bring entertainment, cultural interests, and community involvement to our city.  We have such a diverse population and many quality educational facilities which will help us grow ideas that will keep San Marcos a thriving, world class city.  In the Civic Center Plaza where Pizza Nova is located there was a film festival held for the first time this year, events such as these will continue to grow in popularity and will be springboards to other ideas and events.  On City Council, I would welcome ideas and input from citizens about what they think would be unique events or ideas for San Marcos.

Would you care to comment on the recent excessive compensation concerns for San Marcos city staff?

Unfortunately it is hard to capture all of the information regarding city budgets, compensation plans, and employee contracts in one short newspaper article or story.  While serving on the City Budget Review Committee I realized the complexity of a city’s budget.  The City of San Marcos has done a great job attracting and retaining quality employees that hold multiple positions.  With this plan they have been able to keep staffing to a minimum and costs down.  What needs to be looked at and decided is if the current contracts are sustainable without raising taxes, cutting services, or negatively impacting the taxpayers.  I am committed to fiscal discipline in government employee compensation and pension decisions.  On council, I will work to create an efficient government that works for the people, provides the highest level of customer service and treats residents like valued customers.  I will fight for balanced budgets and will do what is right for taxpayers.

If elected what are the top 3 issues you would focus on for San Elijo Hills?

I truly believe we need to look at the entire city and keeping it healthy and moving in a positive direction.  San Elijo Hills is a wonderful community that has so much to offer.  We need to have a solid plan for the future.  We must find ways to attract new businesses that bring quality jobs to our city.  We must make sure we are preserving and improving our quality of life by controlling traffic and providing vital services to every part of our city.  And finally, safety must be a top priority.  I support anti-gang efforts, graffiti cleanup, personal safety programs, and community policing.  Making sure our streets are safe and our neighborhoods secure would be a top priority while on City Council.

How will you clean up the campaign signs after election? will they be recycled?

Campaign signs are always an issue every election year.  It is a necessary part of name recognition, but it has a tendency to go over board.  I have chosen to have strategically placed large signs throughout the city instead of small yard signs blanketing every inch.  While these larger signs cost more, are difficult to hang and take down, and are harder to store I believe they leave a better impression.  I am constantly trying to police my signs to make sure they are not falling over or littering the streets.  With-in twenty-four hours after the election you will see signs being taken down and everyone will breath a sigh of relief, I am sure.  Most people store their signs and the items used with them for future elections and that is what I will be doing with mine.  Signs that have multiple candidates listed on them will most likely be recycled when possible.  Signs are an exercise in patience for all of us and I appreciate the fact that most people understand why they are necessary.


Editors note all San Marcos candidates are welcome to contact us to conduct an interview.

San Elijo Elementary Book Fair and Food Social

San Elijo Elementary Book Fair amd Food Social

Books, Books and more Books then ever plus this year we have Hendo’s Pizzaeria joining us with a bigger menu then before.

Please join us on Wednsday October 27th, 5pm till 8pm.

Bring the Family to this exciting event and enjoy your food here or please pick it up for take out.

Either way it really helps  All Proceeds from the Social will go directly to the SEES program

Also to get all update on future PTO events please joing us at the following websites as we go paperless

Read the PTO bulletins at: http://www.smusd.org/167220522175359317/site/default.asp

Join our Facebook Page  http://www.facebook.com/pages/San-Elijo-Elementary-PTO/119874884733698

Get regular PTO updates on https://www.sanelijolife.com/


Pizza and Ice Cream Social RSVP

Please RSVP for your family! You can also preorder for a home dinner or eat at the school. Pizza slices will also be sold a la carte as well, but we encourage families to let us know the amounts they wish to purchase at the event so we can ensure enough is ordered ahead of time. Parents can also order whole pizzas and family size salads to take home as well, only by pre-ordering! You may email us at seesocial@hotmail.com Hurry and RSVP!

All RSVP’s must be received by Tuesday October 26th Please do not send payment ahead of time.

Large Whole CHEESE Pizza (10 slices)                                   Extra Large Whole CHEESE Pizza (12 slices)

$15/pizza_______________                                                    $18/pizza_______________

Cheese Pizza Slice $2.00 a slice ____________

Large Whole PEPPERONI Pizza (10 slices)                            Extra Large Whole PEPPERONI Pizza (12 slices)

$15/pizza_______________                                                    $20/pizza_______________

Hendo’s Specialty Pizza  “Surfer Dude” with Canadian bacon, pineapple & breakfast bacon

Large size $20,00 _______________   Xtra Large size $23,00 _____________

Pre order Family size salads only and all salads are $15.00 each __________________________________________

Greek Salad: Fresh lettuce, feta cheese, red onion, black olives, roma tomatoes and pepperoncinis

Antipasto Salad: Fresh lettuce, roma tomatoes, pepperoncinis, red onions, black olives mozzarella, salami and ham

House of Blues Salad: Mixed field greens, tomatoes, candied pecans, blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette

A tale of two trails: Double Peak in San Marcos pulls double duty-San Diego UT

Sunset at Double Peak Park

Image by jimmsgi via Flickr

BY DOUG WILLIAMS-San Diego Union Tribune

Double Peak Trail in San Marcos draws mountain bikers as well as hikers.

SAN MARCOS — In literary terms, the trip up Double Peak can be told in two ways.

There is the novel, and then there is the short story.Preview

The long version makes for a nice morning or afternoon outing up Double Peak Trail — just one piece of the city of San Marcos’ extensive trail system — that ends at the 1,644-foot summit.

At 5 miles round trip, starting from Discovery Lake Park, the trail is long enough and steep enough for a good workout, but also family-friendly enough that almost all ages can do it – with a few rest stops, perhaps.

For those who live nearby, it’s a release valve.

It’s a trail Brad Freese of San Marcos says he tries to do “at least once a week.” I enjoy it,” Freese said, pausing as he headed uphill on a recent late afternoon. “It’s nice to be 10 minutes from home and essentially have the chance to get out on a trail, out in the open, without having to go out to the Cuyamacas or someplace like that. It’s very nice.”

The trail begins at Discovery Lake, where hikers – and mountain bikers – take off on a wide path that crosses a spillway bridge and then climbs steadily toward the new hillside homes of the Stone Canyon development.

Here, the way is paved and you hardly feel as if you’re headed into the wilds, but the views — looking back down on the little lake and new homes — are immediately rewarding.

After following the signs through a small section of the housing development, you’ll come out the other side onto a well-groomed dirt track. Follow the trail signs as you head higher on switchbacks cut into hills covered with such plants as manzanita, scrub oak, a few remaining wildflowers and coyote bush.

Below, built into canyons, you’ll see red-tile roofs and blue backyard pools of the new development, a contrast of colors against the dry, wild vegetation of browns and light greens.

But remember to keep your eyes on the trail. Even though you may not feel like you’re out in the wilds, critters are about. As I focused on a roadrunner up ahead on the trail, I nearly stepped on a rattlesnake. Be careful out there.

Eventually, about a half-mile from the top — as hikers pass through a gate that carries a sign warning of recent mountain lion sightings — the dirt trail intersects with a paved, two-lane road. And it’s here where the short-story version of Double Peak is unveiled. You find out you could have driven to the top.

The long story: A 2.5-mile uphill walk.

The short story: A quick drive from San Elijo Road on the other side of the mountain to Double Peak Drive to Double Peak Park. READ MORE VIA SD UT


San Marcos mobile command post could even double as a City Hall-San Diego Union Tribune

Emergency ops center is top-notch

BY MICHELLE BREIER- San Diego Union Tribune

SAN MARCOS — The city is now home to one of the most sophisticated mobile emergency operations centers in Southern California.

Housed at Fire Station 4 in San Elijo Hills, the trailer the past few weeks has been demonstrating what it can do. Fire Chief Todd Newman said the center was shown to Cal Fire recently. The mobile emergency operations center is filled with high-tech equipment and can be towed to a scene to serve as a command center or dispatch center during a wildfire or other disaster.

The center cost a little more than $1 million, Newman said, with about half the cost covered by a Department of Homeland Security grant. It’s also now in the state’s mutual aid database and available for use by other agencies.

“Everyone has one,” Newman said of command trailers. “Very few have them with this level of technology.”

The San Marcos center is equipped with geographic information systems, or GIS, technology; satellite phone technology; and a system that allows the center’s users to combine various frequencies from agencies into one dedicated frequency. That system to unify frequencies also can be incorporated into cell phones, essentially turning them into two-way radios. READ MORE VIA San Diego UT


The San Elijo Hills Foundation is seeking members

The San Elijo Hills Foundation is seeking members from the community to serve on the Foundation’s Board. This is an exciting opportunity for an individual eager to assist the Foundation in working to enhance the quality of community life in San Elijo Hills.

Board positions are open to homeowners, Town Center merchants and other community stakeholders who can attend monthly board meetings in the San Elijo Visitor Center, assist with the Foundation’s fundraising activities and positively represent the Foundation at community functions.

The San Elijo Hills Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization formed in 2004 by the San Elijo Hills Development Company. The Foundation’s mission is to enhance and support projects that improve the quality of life in the San Elijo Hills community. Past projects include funding the cost and installation of the San Elijo Park Shade Structure and granting funds to assist the start-up of new community sports programs.

If you would like more information about the Foundation and are interested in becoming a volunteer board member, please contact Kimberly Perez at 760-798-9015 or email kperez@waltersmanagement.com. The deadline to apply is November 15, 2010. You may also review the Foundation’s bylaws by going to sanelijohills.net/ Library/ Foundation.

The San Elijo Hills Women’s Club (SEHWC) Proudly Hosts A Victorian High Tea

At Richoux, in London.

Image via Wikipedia

The San Elijo Hills Women’s Club (SEHWC)

Proudly Hosts

A Victorian High Tea

Sunday, October 17th,  at 2:00 pm


Martha Kaloogian’s house

1409 Schoolhouse Way

San Elijo Hills


This elegant affair includes the traditional three-course menu of:

Delicate tea sandwiches
Freshly baked scones
Delectable desserts
A fine selection of teas and sparkling champagne


–       Tax deductible donations are $25 per person, all of which will go to Women’s Empowerment International (WE) which gives grants to women to help them work their way out of poverty

–       Hats are welcome so if you like hats, please wear your favorite or browse in our Hat Loaner Boutique to borrow one for the day

–       We can seat 64 people so make your reservation right away.  This event is open to everyone so bring someone you know will enjoy the experience.

–       Includes shopping at a Bazaar to sell goods made by some of the women who were helped by WE here in San Diego.  There will be jewelry, scarves, and African artifacts. There will also be Fresh Produce Sales from the organic garden run by International Rescue Committee in University Heights.

–       Participation is limited to 64 so make your reservation soon!

Contact:  Martha Kaloogian at 760-736-4044 or email at sehwc@yahoo.com .

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