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Strong Wind Storm

The biggest wind storm in the last 15 years hit San Elijo Hills last night. Winds gusting 40-50 MPH whipped through The Hills from 3:00 PM Sunday till early Monday Morning.

A transformer fire was reported near Double Peak School site on Attebury Drive, the San Marcos Fire Department quickly responded at 10:45 PM Sunday.

A swift water rescue was performed for three teens in Elfin Forest area

Shared neighborhood fences blew down in San Elijo Hills. Power was out in parts of Elfin Forest and Questhaven.

What did you experience?


San Elijo Hills Association Updates

Summer Camp Sign Ups

The San Elijo Hills Foundation is pleased to offer a Summer Camp Information & Registration Day right in the Town Square! The event will be held on Saturday, May 19th from 10:00AM-1:00PM at the storefronts along San Elijo Road. Check out local summer programs, ask questions, and get registered.

Fence Maintenance Update

The San Elijo Hills Community Association is in the process of painting the Common Area tubular steel or wrought iron fences in the San Elijo community, which is the Association’s responsibility under Section 9.1.5 of the CC&R’s.

Depending upon environmental conditions, this type of fencing requires maintenance approximately every five years in order to reduce the need of replacement.   The Board of Directors recognizes that maintenance of the fences can be intrusive to owners and expensive for the Association.  The goal is to reduce both the frequency of painting and the long-term expense to the Association while ensuring it meets its maintenance obligations.

In preparation for this project, the Board of Directors selected a two-part epoxy product and negotiated a seven-year warranty.  The Board of Directors is hopeful that these efforts will help extend the life of the fence so that it will only need to be maintained every nine to ten years. If the Board is successful in its efforts, maintenance costs should be greatly reduced, and the homeowners will only be inconvenienced every ten years versus every five years.

If all goes as planned, the perimeter fences should be completed by early summer.  Once the fences are done, the Association will focus on walls, vehicle gates, monuments and other community features that require painting this year.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the homeowners impacted by this project for their patience and cooperation.  If you have a fence that is not maintained by the Association and you would like to paint it to match the freshly painted perimeter fencing, we can provide you with specifications for an acrylic paint application.  Please contact Liz McCardle at lmccardle@waltersmanagement.com for more information.

San Elijo Hills HOA updates

Guided Nature Hike

Eric Shepard from O’Connell Landscape will be leading a fun and educational nature hike in San Elijo Hills on Saturday, February 4th from 9:00AM-11:00AM for all interested San Elijo Hills residents. He will be providing information regarding the surrounding native vegetation and be able to answer questions you may have. This hike is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and enjoy the natural beauty of San Elijo Hills! Feel free to bring your kids, water bottles. The meeting spot for this hike remains to be determined. Please be sure to check the community network website (sanelijohills.net) for more information.

San Elijo Hills Painting Project Update

San Elijo Hills recently began repairing and painting perimeter fencing in the following neighborhoods: Promontory Ridge, Westcliffe, Cedar Crossing, Acacia, Sagewood, Carmel, Calistoga, CrestView, Azure, Saverne, Cambria, Woodley’s Glen, Waterford, Mariner’s Landing, and Meridian.   This project will take approximately six months to complete. If you are adjacent to community wrought iron fencing, it will be your responsibility to remove any and all attachments to the fencing, including but not limited to, plant material, vines, chicken wire, rabbit guard, etc.  In addition, and pets must be properly secured as to not interfere with the work.  Notices will be posted on your home approximately seven days and three days before work will commence.Painters will begin working in Westcliffe this month.  Notices will be posted on impacted homes approximately 7-days and 3-days before work is expected to commence. If the fencing behind your home cannot be painted due to lack of proper preparation, we will skip your lot and return at a later date.  Individual owners will be billed for the additional expense associated with returning to complete the work on the fence behind your home.