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San Elijo Hills Town Center


The conceptual revamped plan Home Fed (San Elijo Hills Development Company) submitted Thursday at a City of San Marcos hosted workshop included a reduction in commercial space by two-thirds.  Approximately nine retail units isolated to San Elijo Road. The units are to face the existing Marketwalk. The retail spaces are marked in red on the diagrams. The proposal did not include any retail on the opposing side of San Elijo Road, Elfin Forest Road or Baker Street.  Home Fed plans to increase the number of residential units: condos and lofts to 70- 80 units.  Originally 28 residential units was the plan for the town center. 17 additional units are proposed for the estate lots near Double Peak Park and Montage area and are part of the planning process with the City of San Marcos.

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There was a consensus of outrage over this plan from 70 plus San Elijo Hills Residents who attended the meeting.  The majority expressed their interest in buying into this community as a self-contained community.  This plan has drifted from the original vision of the San Elijo Hills town center/square.

Jeff O’connor, Director of Operations of Home Fed said they have taken on the advise from experts, consultants in the field.  They want the businesses to flourish.  He said the current businesses are doing okay, they want to see the business achieve success. Home Fed has active builders who are interested in building out this new concept now. Home Fed would need to take meeting feedback and apply for formal application with the City in the next 60 days. San Marcos City approvals can take up to 18 months. The project would be built by premium third-party builders and match the quality and aesthetic standards of San Elijo Hills. The design is subject to approval by the City. The project would be market rate for sale town homes. Local commercial firm Flocke & Avoyer will market the retail spaces for lease. Some of the retail space would be designed to accommodate restaurants; including grease traps, exhaust venting. No guarantee that restaurants will be interested and some local San Elijo Hills restaurants have historically struggled. The new plan has lower daily trips because of the decrease in retail 1,700 vs 2,300. Each town home would included garages and on site guest parking. See parking plan photo. short-term parking management would be part of the City requirements,. The additional children would fall under current San Marcos Unified School District attendance maps and would tend to be pedestrian because of walking proximity to the San Elijo Elementary and San Elijo Middle School. Keep in mind attendance boundaries are adjustable as we have recently seen in San Elijo Hills/San Marcos.

The overwhelming suggestions from residents attending the meeting: Larger storefronts with more depth and storage space, full-scale restaurants.  The homeowners expressed businesses on the three streets is a non-negotiable if you want to create a town square atmosphere and bring residents in to shop in San Elijo Hills.   You need to figure out how to draw the critical mass in, to shop in San Elijo Hills. One resident suggested a large pool to host swimming meets, volleyball courts, etc for sporting activities.  A teen center was another suggestion. The three streets being directly across from Marketwalk on San Elijo Rd, around the corner on Elfin Forest and the other corner Baker Street.  The suggestion is to have an open space in the middle of the businesses instead of residential.  The businesses could also open inward to the center, have grass, table & chairs, fire pits, maybe display movies, etc.

The lot next to Chevron is slated for more residential.  Homeowners expressed concern.  Who wants to live next to a gas station and if we are going to have all these businesses where is everyone going to park?  The recommendation by the homeowners: a parking structure in the lot next to Chevron.

Home Fed is in the process of purchasing the lot slated for the church site.  They plan to build 18 residences, a green belt and tot lot.  There are two aqueducts running through the site which limits the building capabilities.  One speaker mentioned a tot lot is not advisable with the busy streets. Church of The Hills appears to be selling this site back to Home Fed.

Home Fed took notes, Jeff said they are going back to the drawing table and will host another meeting once they have a revised plan in place for homeowner feedback. We suspect more meetings and homeowners surveys are in the works.

Keep in mind Home Fed is deeply invested in San Diego County with 6,000 units in the works in Chula Vista, another project online in Santee and they use San Elijo Hills as it’s prize example of its work. We suspect they have a lot of reasons to care about the successful completion of San Elijo Hills.

San Elijo Hills this is your chance to shape the future and your participation and education in the process is critical to the success of the project.

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Curt Noland, who oversaw the development of San Elijo Hills, has died

San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond and Curt Noland, Double Peak Park

It’s with great sadness that we report the death of Curt Noland, Vice President and Senior Development officer at HomeFed Corp (San Elijo Hills Development Company). Noland managed entitlement, design, development and sale of several HomeFed projects, including our San Elijo Hills community. Noland died Tuesday night at his Carlsbad home after a six-week battle with esophageal cancer. His contribution to our community will be missed.

Curt’s experience, artistic sense and understanding of what makes a community work, will live on in San Elijo Hills. Curt’s attention to the design details is what makes San Elijo Hills the community that it is today. He had a wonderful perspective of the design and function of classic old California and was able to tirelessly implement that in modern North County. Curt’s understanding for native vegetation and providing an extensive trail system to enjoy the amazing location where we live will serve and teach future generations. His contribution to life in The Hills will not be forgotten.

San Elijo Hills, how should we remember Curt Noland? Please post or email us your ideas.

Read The San Diego Daily Transcript Article on Curt Noland

Meet the Candidates Night for San Elijo Hills Association Board Recall & Election

Meet the Candidates Night was held on Tuesday at the Peppertree Hills Eatery. The event was well attended by an estimated 75 San Elijo Hills homeowners who squeezed into the cafe and visitors center. Nine of the ten candidates for San Elijo Hills Association Board seats attended. The candidates answered homeowner questions about: foreclosure blight, community events, developer involvement on the board, and HOA interaction with San Marcos City government around speeding in neighborhoods and cut through traffic.

We will post complete video of the event this week and we welcome your comments on the event.

Quick camera phone video: http://tweetreel.com/?nyhd5

The candidates are:

Thomas Cappellazzo (Current Board Member)

Matt Guardia

Stephen Kirkland

Tim Minjares

Adam Riffe

Marry Russell (Current Board Member)

Torin Snyder

Jeff Tuller (Current Board Member)

Sarah Vollrath

Michael Young (Current Board Member)

EDITORS NOTE: All candidates are welcome to send San Elijo Life your bio, platform and a picture and which we will post. Readers may email us or post your questions for candidates.

San Elijo Hills Town Center Update

The San Elijo Hills Town Center is progressing 8 of the 10 retail spaces are committed, with the 1st retail spaces expected to open in August. The 12 Marketwalk residential lofts will have pricing and a model for viewing soon.

The current visitors center is in escrow and is anticipated to close mid July and is expected to become office space. The cafe that has been subsidized by San Elijo Development and is expected to not have the same arrangement with the new owner. Make sure you read the reader comments here.

Here are the projected retail business:

1.      Subway
2       Windmill Cleaners
3       Postal Annex
4       Dexter’s Deli
5       Rose’s Nails
6       Frozen Yogurt
7       Hometown Realty
8       San Elijo Hills Visitor Center
9       TBD
10     TBD

Defaults drag down prospects for builders

Efforts to reduce costs not paying down debt

By Mike Freeman-Union-Tribune Staff Writer  March 1, 2009

As San Diego’s housing downturn drags into a fourth year, homeowners and home builders are increasingly having the same problem: keeping up with their mortgages. In the past six months, a series of builders has defaulted on loans or lost property to foreclosure. Loans taken out to construct neighborhoods or buy land are coming due after years of slower-than-expected sales, leaving builders with many empty lots and not enough cash flow.

William Lyon Homes of Newport Beach defaulted last month on a vacant, 5-acre parcel along San Elijo Road in San Marcos. According to deed records, William Lyon missed a payment that was due Dec. 20 and owes $5.5 million to its lender. The company didn’t respond to a request for comment.

On Feb. 19, Union Bank filed a default notice on loans made to a subsidiary of San Diego’s Corky McMillin Cos. The default involves two loans to develop 151 homes in McMillin’s Indigo at Lomas Verdes neighborhood in Otay Ranch.

Barratt American, a Carlsbad-based builder that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December, is in default on its undeveloped, 1,400-home Fanita Ranch project in Santee. Fanita Ranch was a separate partnership and was excluded from Barratt’s bankruptcy. “There have been notices of default filed in connection with Fanita, and we are currently working with new financial partners and the lenders involved,” said Mick Pattinson, chief executive of Barratt.

Defaults, the first step in the often-lengthy foreclosure process, don’t necessarily lead to lenders taking back projects. Borrowers often work out deals with their banks to get back on track. Read more about SEH Development/Home Fed via Defaults drag down prospects for builders.

Picketing at the San Elijo Hills Cafe

Taken with camera phone in front of San Elijo Hills Cafe

You may driven or walked by San Elijo Hills Cafe and seen the union picketers protesting Home Fed/San Elijo Development. A local San Elijo resident named David Horacek put up a information sheet in the San Elijo Hills café to organize an effort to get these protesters out of the neighborhood. If you would like to see the protest move; you can call the organizers, and ask for Frankie at 858-621-2660. An effective means of discouraging these folks is to call this number and calmly explain how their efforts are misdirected and are negatively affecting the small business owner that is operating the café, as well as our communities overall character. For all the ups and downs the cafe has had, it’s important to support the cafe and it’s success sets precedent for other business we would all like to see in San Elijo Hills.