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SMUSD Attendance Boundary Committee Update

SMUSD Attendance Boundary Committee Update

On October 19th, the District’s Attendance Boundary Committee held its first meeting.  The meeting is comprised over more than 100 individuals, with representation from each school in the District.

The Committee is tasked with providing two recommendations.
  • Recommendation #1:  Propose adjustments to current attendance boundaries to optimize student at capacity at each school.
  • Recommendation #2:  Propose an implementation plan / schedule for the Board-approved attendance boundary adjustments.
At the first meeting, the Committee heard presentations from District staff and its demographer (Davis Demographics) regarding the following topics:
  • Current District and School attendance boundaries;
  • Historical and projected enrollment growth;
  • Residential development and student generation rates;
  • Criteria for school boundary planning;
  • The role of the demographer; and
  • Next steps.

On November 9th, the District’s Attendance Boundary Committee held its second meeting. During the first part of the meeting, Davis Demographics provided information about factors that impact attendance boundaries and how adjusting boundary lines impacts available capacity at each school.

Davis Demographics also shared an elementary scenario, middle school scenario and high school scenario to consider regarding possible adjustments to the current attendance boundaries.  These scenarios are NOT official recommendations from the District Board, staff or Davis Demographics.  But, rather, they were something to consider in order to foster dialog and conversation.

Following the presentation by Davis Demographics, Committee members had an opportunity to work together to provide their own possible recommendations.

The recommendations submitted are being examined for common themes.  Draft maps will be generated and shared with Committee members at its next meeting on December 7th.

As a reminder, these meetings are closed to the public.  However, if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding the Attendance Boundary Committee, you may submit them HERE.


City of San Marcos posting interactive maps online

San Marcos Maps

City of San Marcos is now posting interactive maps online — Fire danger maps, elevations, parks, trails, and traffic lights.

The mapping information available online now includes a PDF map gallery, an interactive map gallery and links to the City’s interactive mapping application. Maps available in the new interactive gallery are also cross-compatible so residents can enjoy viewing them on mobile devices.

The fire hazard zone map, shows fire risk ratings from low for San Elijo Hills, to extreme for areas Attebury or Coronado Hills.

PDF Map showing Community Facilities District  (CFD/Mello Roos 99-01 Tax District – San Elijo Hills

To view the new maps, visit www.san-marcos.net/maps.


San Elijo Hills Attendance Area Update from Carolyn Kalicki

Hello San Elijo Community,

The district has made available the attendance area maps that will be presented to the SMUSD Board on June 10th for approval.

Here is the link to these maps:
http://www.smusd.org/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&DomainID=1&ModuleInstanceID=2692&ViewID= 047E6BE3-6D87-4130-8424-D8E4E9ED6C2A&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=32057&PageID=1

If you have trouble following the link, please visit the District’s homepage and click on Attendance Area Revisions.

I am still waiting for a date for our community meeting with District staff. We will notify you as soon as we receive this.

Carolyn Kalicki Principal
San Elijo Elementary