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The North County Beer Triangle Expands with Sublime Ale House | Grand Opening Oct 19th

A brand new restaurant is coming to the row –  Sublime Ale House – Eatery and yes, you guessed it, ALE HOUSE is coming to San Marcos’ Old California Restaurant Row October 19th (Grand Opening) and boasts a gourmet, comfort food-centric menu featuring an incredible array of craft beer choices (even beer masters will be waiting in line) and mouthwatering pizza (the crust has been tested in tireless research to develop the precise combination of bite, crunch and chew), mac n cheese (cheesier then you remember) and did we mention more craft beer than this brew-crazy capital has ever tasted! Sublime Bar rendering

This foodie-loving, beer connoisseur’s dream will feature 20 different pizzas, 48 craft beers on tap (2 casks & 50 bottles), 15 mac n cheeses and 10 varieties of grilled cheese all under one rustic meets modern roof. Wine is NOT forgotten here, In fact, Sublime offers up a revolutionary way of providing great wine –  by serving wine through a draft system (a practice more common for restaurants in San Francisco due to its proximity to Napa), from artisan wine producers in eight 5 gallon kegs, Sublime is able to skirt the issue of bottling costs and is able to serve phenomenal wines and more reasonable prices. Pairings here are like college buddies that have lost touch – one might arrive skeptical, but will leave with a rekindled love and appreciation for the notes that a brew will bring out.

Given Sublime’s location (along San Marcos Blvd), directly in the center of what is known as the North County Beer Triangle and in the heart of San Marcos, Sublime offers up the leisure and accessibility of a casual beer-drinkers lifestyle and the flavors of an epicurean experience.  This impressive spread of local and fresh focused fare is incomparable to any one restaurant in San Diego.

Enter Your Pet Into the San Elijo Hills Cutest Pet Contest


We are excited to announce the first annual San Elijo Hills Cutest Pet Contest! Grab your best buddy and a camera and capture your picture perfect pet enjoying a favorite spot in San Elijo Hills.

Whether your pet loves to parade around the park, be the toast of Towncenter, hike the trails, or curl up on the couch in your lovely San Elijo Hills home, your pet could win some droolworthy prizes, so head for the hills and start snapping. Deadline for submissions is November 14, and winners will be announced via Facebook on November 22.

All resident and non-resident pet owners are welcome to enter the contest, as long as the photo is taken in San Elijo Hills. The three pets with the most Facebook “Likes“ will win one of the following fabulous prizes:

• Professional Pet Photography Package by Tristan Quigley Designs

• Dexter’s Deli Gift Card

• Dogtopia Spa Package

Click here to visit our Facebook page for official rules and to enter your pet into the contest.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!

Dexter’s Deli


Tristan Quigley Designs

New Farmers Market in San Elijo Hills Area-Meadowlark Market

Meadowlark Market

Features Local Farmers, International Foods, ART and Musicians

Enhancing your Friday evening commute

START DATE: June 18, 2010

Meadowlark Community Church-1918 Redwing Street at Meadowlark Community Church on Rancho Santa Fe Road

This free community event will feature a great selection of fresh local vendors to enhance your weekly shopping experience.

(Summer Hours) April- Nov 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

(Winter Hours) Dec- March 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

ALL customers and community members are invited to participate, shop and visit!

Editors note: Please send us your reviews

San Elijo Hills Crime Update

Rumors are circulation about car break-ins in the Questhaven road area: Avalon, Windriver and Summer Moon within the last week, and San Elijo Hills Park parking lot by the softball fields on a Saturday afternoon 11/7/09 a…here a purse was left in the car.

Here are some reminders from 2008 SEH neighborhood watch event

To prevent burglaries, police said people should:

Lock all doors and windows when leaving home

Let people who knock on the door know that someone is at home

Be good neighbors and watch each other’s homes

Report all suspicious activity

Most home break-ins are from 10 A.M-3 P.M and last 3-7 minutes

98% of alarms in San Marcos are false with a 27 minute response time

1st place they go is master bedroom

2nd stop- family room for electronics and DVDs

99% of all car break-ins are cars not in a garage…typically Midnight-4 A.M

Don’t leave garage clicker in car parked outside of garage

Don’t leave any type of bags in car..diaper bag, backpack etc..

Typically who is doing the break-ins: Age 15-23 and live within 1/2 mile…not pros and have a drug habit looking for $20-$50 item to sell for cash to support drug habit

Call the non-emergency line on solicitors who are pushy 760 510-5200..give direction of travel..San Marcos sheriff like to check up on solicitors

Make contact through the door to let solicitors know your home, but don’t open door..”I’m busy or my husband is sleeping”

Always give physical address when you call 911…never say I’m in Crest View etc dispatchers are in Claremont for San Marcos sheriff and CHP is in Riverside.

If you call 911 on your cell phone it may not ring the sheriff dispatcher for SD county..it may go to CHP dispatcher in Riverside…this is being corrected but is dependent on your cell phone carrier

Frustrating for Sheriffs to drive San Elijo and see garages open

San Diego County Crime Maps

San Marcos Crime Maps via LocalCrimeNews.com

To participate in Neighborhood Watch program call 760 744-1050 x 3111

Good numbers to program into your cell phone:

San Marcos Sheriff (non emergency line) 760 510 5200

San Marcos Fire (non emergency line) 760 744-1050 x 3405

San Elijo Hills Mountain Lion Sighting

O’Connell Landscape the contracted landscaping company for the San Elijo Hills Association has recently sighted a Mountain Lion near the Montage community of San Elijo Hills. This is a reminder that we share our surroundings with wildlife species.

The following safety tips are provided by the California Department of Fish and Game. They are based on studies of mountain behavior and analysis of attacks by mountain lions.

  • Don’t hike alone. Go in groups, with adults supervising children an keep children close to you. Observations of captured mountain lions reveal that the animals seem especially drawn to children. Keep children within your sight at all times.
  • Don’t approach a lion. Most mountain lions will try to avoid a confrontation. Give them a way to escape.
  • Don’t run from a lion. Running stimulates a mountain lion’s instinct to chase. Instead, stand and face the animal. Make eye contact. If you have small children with you, pick them up if possible so that they don’t panic and run. Although it may be awkward, pick them up without bending over or turning away from the lion.
  • Don’t crouch or bend over. A squatting or bending person looks a lot like a four-legged prey animal.
  • Do all you can to appear larger. Raise your arms. Open your jacket if you are wearing one. Throw stones, branches or whatever you can reach without crouching or turning your back. Wave your arms slowly and speak firmly in a loud voice.
  • Fight back if attacked. Some hikers have fought back successfully with sticks, caps, jackets, garden tools and their bare hands. Since a mountain lion usually tries to bite the head or neck, try to remain standing and face the attacking animal. For more information about mountain lions, contact the Department of Fish and Game (DFG), case of emergency call 911 and DFG at 916-445-0045

Here  are some historical clips about Mountain Lions in the San Elijo Hills, San Marcos and Elfin Forest areas

City of San Marcos, CA: 18th Annual San Marcos Trails Day

18th Annual San Marcos Trails Day
Discover San Marcos Hikes/Jack’s Pond
Date: 11/7/2009 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Cost: FREE
Location: Santa Barbara St. Trailhead
San Marcos, California 92069

18th Annual San Marcos Trails Day Special Events Page

Info: Put on your hiking shoes or saddle up your horse for the 18th Annual San Marcos Trails Day. Step back in time and hike the rural trails of San Marcos. Special access to trails not usually open to the public will allow views of South Lake, Double Peak, and the surrounding Valley of Discovery. Hikes with varying levels of difficulty will be offered.

Meeting location:
South end of Santa Barbara St. From Hwy. 78, take Twin Oaks Valley Rd. and go south. Turn right on Craven Rd., then left on Santa Barbara St.

For More Information & Potential Partnership Opportunities, please e-mail or call (760) 744-9000 x3505. No RSVP Required.

Stay Informed: City of San Marcos General Plan Update

Dear San Elijo Hills Residents and Businesses:

My name is Eric Flodine, and I am honored to serve on the City of San Marcos’ General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC).  In this volunteer position over the next 2 years, I will strive to keep the residents of San Elijo Hills informed as to the current activities taking place with the very important update of the City’s General Plan.  A City’s General Plan (GP) acts as a “blueprint”, “roadmap” or “guide book” for the next 15 – 20 years.  A GP covers topics from types and locations of residential, commercial and office development; transportation; education; open space/recreation; safety; and the environment.  Those of you who wish to stay informed on a regular basis may sign up on the following City-sponsored website: www.ourcityourfuture..org

For the GP Update Process, the City has identified 8 distinct “neighborhoods” within the entire City boundary.  San Elijo Hills and Old Creek Ranch are within 1 of these GP neighborhoods.  I would like to offer up a challenge to the SEH community.  It would be great if we could show the City officials how dedicated we in the SEH and OCR areas are by having the highest percentage of residents, or local businesses, log in to the City’s website.  Please consider taking less than 5 minutes today and visiting the website and signing up to the “Join the Discussion” section.  I just completed this myself; very easy.

Remember that the General Plan is the foundation for the next 15 – 20 years of growth and stability in our great City of San Marcos.  If any questions, please contact the City, or you may also contact me at flodine1234@sbcglobal.net Also representing the SEH / OCR neighborhood is Lori Drake.

I am looking forward to meeting many of you at upcoming public workshops.  If you have any questions before these occur (see website for timeline), don’t hesitate to contact me via email.

All the best,

Eric Flodine
San Marcos

Cell Phone Coverage in San Elijo Hills

Letter we received from frustrated San Elijo Hills resident:

I’m a San Elijo Hills resident and an avid reader of this blog with a question I hope you can answer. Is there any way to rally the residents of our neighborhood regarding getting more cell towers installed? Is there anyway the San Elijo Life Blog can be used to help draw attention to this cause? My wife and I have lived here since 2004 – first in Westridge and now in the Azure/Saverne community. In both homes over these past five years our cell service has been horrible – my wife with Verizon and me with AT&T. We’ve tried various phones and when we entertain on weekends, our friends have the same issues with a slew of carriers. I work from a home office and have to pay for a land line simply because cell service is so horrible out here. I would’ve dropped the home line years ago if that weren’t the case. I can’t imagine we’re the only SEH residents with this complaint. That said, the million dollar question remains — how do we take action? How do we rally other frustrated residents? There is ZERO reason an up and coming community like ours is in the dark ages regarding cell phone coverage. I would be glad to get on board… write letters… rally troops. Whatever it takes. It only took five years, but I’m finally at my breaking point regarding this matter. Please advise as to how we can solve this problem for our neighborhood.

Post  your comments as a show of support for improved cell phone coverage in San Elijo Hills!
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