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Advanced Veterinary Care of San Elijo Winter Newsletter 2018

Winter Newsletter 2018

The doctors and staff at Advanced Veterinary Care of San Elijo would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients and their families a happy and healthy holiday season.

Finding the Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift is the great obsession of every holiday shopper.  After scouring the malls and toy stores for something the recipient does not already have, the giver may think “A pet!” and picture their loved one embracing a fluffy puppy or kitten in the glow of the Christmas tree.  Such scenes are always heart-warming and there is no doubt that most people would love a puppy or kitten to cuddle near the fire on Christmas day.  But what about then next day?  What about when the kids go back to school and the puppy is left alone in a crate or backyard?

What of the kitten, who’s bow has come off and is having trouble using the litter box consistently?  What about the cost, for grooming, feeding, training, and veterinary care?  As pet lover’s, we at AVC understand the allure of a holiday pet and the joy it can to bring to a family for years to come.  With that in mind, here are a few things to consider before getting a pet as a gift.

  • Make sure the person wants the pet! Pets are a life-long commitment and can often interfere with jobs, school, vacations, and other lifestyle choices.
  • Consider getting the pet gear (bed, collar, leash, toys) and giving a “pet promise.”  After the holidays are over, take the recipient to a local shelter to pick out their pet.
  • Make sure the recipient has the financial resources to care for the pet.  Food, training, boarding, grooming, and veterinary care add up over time and you do not want to put someone in a position where they have a pet they cannot afford.
  • Shop the shelters first.  There are so many wonderful shelter dogs and cats available, and many shelters offer gift cards so you can give those as part of a “pet promise.”
  • Do research on whatever you are considering.  Do you have enough room for a large dog?  Is anyone in the family allergic to cats? Is your child old enough and responsible enough to care for a pet?  It is better to ask these questions before you get a pet than find out after you have bonded with a pet and have to rehome it.
  • Do not let getting a pet as a present be a “spur of the moment” decision.  A pet is a gift, not a present, and should be enjoyed throughout the year and not just at holidays.

If you have any questions about getting a pet this holiday, please feel free to contact AVC to speak to our knowledgeable staff.  If you get a pet, feel free to stop by so we can meet the newest member of your family!

Ringing in the New Year

It is natural for people to overindulge at this time of year and allow their pets to do the same.  Remember that pets have delicate digestive systems and changes to their diet could cause vomiting or diarrhea.  Turkey or ham scraps may seem like a nice treat for your dog, but you are better off throwing it away.  Turkey and prime rib bones are choking hazards and may cause internal bleeding.  Also, remember that alcohol is toxic to pets.  If possible, contain your pet in an area away from parties.  If your pet mingles with the guests, make sure they do not indulge in any untended plates or drinks.  If you have reason to believe your pet may have ingested something harmful, bring them to AVC immediately.

Possibly the most traumatic event for pets on New Year’s Eve is fireworks.  Fireworks can be so upsetting for some dogs that they jump through a window or over a six-foot fence out of sheer panic or in an attempt to escape the noise and booming vibration.  For this reason, the most important thing you can do to protect your pet (even indoor pets) is to make sure they are microchipped and have a collar with your contact information on it.  We strongly recommend your pet have both.  Other things you can do to help your pet survive the holiday include keeping them home, closing all the windows and doors, leaving a television or radio playing to drown out noise, keeping them in a small secure space, and staying home with your pet.  For dogs with an extreme fear of fireworks, all of the above, products like the Thundershirt, and even sedation may be required.

The doctors and staff at AVC are looking forward to an amazing 2019.  We wish all our friends, two-legged, four-legged, no-legged, and feathered, a safe and happy holiday season.

Advanced Veterinary Care of San Elijo 

1691 Melrose Dr. Suite # 110
San Marcos, CA 92078


Bloom – A Women’s Boutique Opening October 1st


Bloom, a women’s boutique with a bohemian flare, will be opening October 1st on Melrose Drive at the previous La Costa Kids location.

Hand-picked women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories – both new and consigned.

Visit us at:

1691 Melrose drive suite 140, San Marcos, CA 92078

(760) 571-9120

Follow us online:



Community-Oriented Veterinary Care is Coming to San Elijo!

Advanced Veterinary Care of San Elijo

Community-Oriented Veterinary Care is Coming to San Elijo!

Opening Thursday, March 12th 2015, Advanced Veterinary Care (AVC) of San Elijo will be operated by UC Davis graduates and experienced veterinarians, Dr. Sunshine Riehl and Dr. Paula Thomas, along with a seasoned professional support staff. The hospital will be equipped and staffed to provide comprehensive routine veterinary care and handle major emergencies including trauma, toxicities, and rattlesnake bites.

Advanced Veterinary Care will also host monthly children’s workshops to promote animal health, responsible pet ownership, and provide an opportunity for local youths to get a behind-the-scenes look at veterinary medicine. Classes incorporate a combined lecture/laboratory format and will be held for students in the 4th to 12th grades.

The hospital is located at 1691 Melrose Dr. Suite 110, in the Melrose Plaza shopping center, next to Mariah’s. Please visit our website at www.sanelijovet.com or call 760-736-3636 to schedule an appointment for your pet, join our client mailing list, or receive additional information regarding the AVC children’s workshops.

Families and their pets are encouraged to stop by and tour our facility, meet our doctors and staff, and pick up a treat for your family pet. We look forward to meeting you and serving the San Elijo community!

La Costa Kids Sale!


Our racks are packed! All resale clothing is buy one get the second (equal or lesser value) 20% off!

Expires October 31, 2013. Mention this ad to receive the discount

La Costa Kids Hours:
Monday-Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 11:00am – 3:00pm

La Costa Kids
1691 Melrose Dr., STE 140
San Marcos. Ca 92078
(760) 591-4307


10% Off Total Purchase at La Costa Kids

La Costa Kids

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We carry new and resale motion wear!

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La Costa Kids
1691 Melrose Dr., STE 140
San Marcos. Ca 92078
(760) 591-4307


A World-Class Salon for a World-Class Community

Construction of Pistachio Hair Studio Fast Underway at Melrose Plaza

Seekers of excellence in personal beauty in the vibrant South Carlsbad/San Marcos area will be able to enjoy a fresh alternative this summer: Pistachio Hair Studio, a high-end, purpose-built hair and skin salon, is coming to Melrose Plaza. Nestled in the dreamy hills of La Costa, Rancho Carrillo and San Elijo Hills, the conveniently located shopping center is just one block east of the Rancho Santa Fe Road and Melrose Drive intersection.

The new salon's eye-catching sign is now up on one of the two Melrose Plaza towers. On the inside, a clean-sheet design is underway by construction crews from Beach City Builders. Generous floor space is matched by high ceilings to create an uplifting work environment.

To be staffed by a sizable group of seasoned stylists, the spacious 2,400-square-foot salon aims to open its doors by August 1, and is presently accepting employment applications via its website.

From Italian styling chairs to professional care products and a fashion boutique stocked with eclectic merchandise from around the world, Pistachio promises to raise the bar on hair and skin service in our region.

For more information about “Pistachio” and regular updates to the salon’s blog, please visit: www.pistachiohair.com