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The San Elijo Elementary Country Fair Sponsorship Opportunities

San Elijo Elementary Country Fair

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, San Elijo Elementary School (SEES) will host their Seventh Annual Country Fair. The Country Fair has become a much anticipated event in the San Elijo community, and is SEES largest fundraising event, drawing visitors from our San Elijo community and neighboring communities such as Bressi Ranch, Rancho Carrillo, Discovery and La Costa.

The money raised at the Country Fair goes directly back into the school, and funds programs such as Music, Art, Library and Science, as well as PE Equipment, Instructional Aides and their very own SEES News. In these times of lean funding for public education, such programs are only possible because of generous community members like you. SEES hopes you will consider partnering with them this year to be a part of this amazing community fundraising event and to make a profound impact on the quality of education that the children receive.

There are two ways you can be involved as a sponsor at the 2014 Country Fair. The first is by monetarily sponsoring a booth, activity or event. This is a unique opportunity for you to advertise your business and/or honor your neighborhood to more than 1,000 local families, while also supporting a great cause. No matter how much you are able to contribute, there is a sponsorship level that is sure to fit your needs.

The San Elijo Elementary Country Fair Sponsorship Committee has multiple levels of sponsorship opportunities:

  • $75-$350 Friends of the Fair Sponsor
  • $350 Bronze Sponsor
  • $500 Silver Sponsor
  • $1000 Gold Sponsor

This year they have two exclusive sponsorship opportunities for SEES FAMILIES ONLY, for Day of the Fair and 2014-2015 school year.

  • $3000 Field Sponsor
  • $3000 Multi-Purpose Room Sponsor

For information about sponsorship levels, and the booths, events and games that are available for sponsorship, please contact the Country Fair Team at seescorporate@gmail.com.

The second way you can support the San Elijo Elementary School is through a donation to the Silent Auction. The success of the Silent Auction relies on businesses like yours to donate gift cards, goods and/or services. The Silent Auction room offers a venue for you to showcase and market your goods and/or services to the Country Fair patrons –providing its own distinct marketing opportunity. You can contact the Silent Auction team at seesauction@gmail.com

They are excited to talk with you and discuss a sponsorship or donation opportunity that would best fit your business. This is a great opportunity to connect with your community and meet your neighbors.

Mark your calendars for APRIL 26th!

Free San Elijo Hills Delivery on Backpacks, Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles – With a percentage going to SEES!



Free San Elijo Hills Delivery on Backpacks, Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles – With a percentage going to SEES!

STNDRD is a locally SEH owned online retailer that sells Backpacks, Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles and a percentage (15%-30%) of the sales goes back to your local school. STNDRD is one of the Fundraisers that San Elijo Elementary PTO is running this year. STNDRD carries many of the bag brands like: Volcom, Dakine, Roxy, Quicksilver, Fox etc…

Stranded would like to get the word out to everyone in San Elijo Hills please share this link: www.stndrdbags.com

As we get closer to back to school, people are rushing to get all their supplies and STNDRD wanted to offer free shipping to everyone in San Elijo Hills! You can place your order as late as Saturday evening (August 17, 2013) and you will get your order by Sunday evening!

The PROMO code for free shipping is “SHIPSEH”.

San Elijo Elementary PTO update for 1/29/12

Labels for Education on Facebook!
Just go to facebook.com/LabelsForEducation and SEES will earn 50 points for each person who clicks the “like” button. How easy it that?  Also, don’t forget to turn in any bonus sheets before the first of March. A collection box is available in the front office.

Once Upon A Time Father/Daughter Dance Saturday, February 11, 2012 in the SEES Enchanted Forest.
K-1: 4:00-5:30
2-3: 6:00-7:30
4-5: 8:00-9:30

Each fair, young maiden of SEES is requested to come accompanied by a noble escort. Please leave all frogs at home. There will be music and
complimentary refreshments. Raffle tickets, Cold Stone Ice Cream, bottled water, and Ribbon Halos will be sold…so don’t forget to bring your pennies. Pre sales will also
take place the week of the dance. Marlo Yoshimoto Photography will be on hand to capture your magical evening, as well (order forms will go home separately). Please return the RSVP form on the flyer that went home last week (or download from the website) to the PTO box by Wednesday, February 8th, or RSVP to SEESsocial@yahoo.com.

Calling all Fairy Godmothers!
We need you to help transform the SEES MPR into an Enchanted Forest, and help make our Father/Daughter dance as memorable as the fairy tales of old. Please contact the volunteer coordinators at: sees_volunteer@yahoo.com to help

Upcoming San Elijo Elementary Events

2/6 – 6:00 pm. PTO Meeting
2/6 – 6:00 pm. Mom’s Prep Night
2/8 – RSVP’s Due for Father/Daughter Dance
2/10 – Smencils on Sale Before School
2/11 – Father/Daughter Dance

San Elijo Elementary PTO Updates for 12/18/11

A message from Dan Trujillo, Principal at Discovery Elementary

I would like to thank you for all of your help as we competed to win the Clorox Power a Bright Future grant.  One of the most gratifying outcomes was the way the San Marcos community came together to support one of its schools.  The competition was 45 days long, and we worked for weeks ahead of time preparing to launch our campaign.  So, we are sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for the final result.  Even though we finished in first place Clorox had yet to upload the text votes for Friday, so we will eagerly wait for official notification of the final result.  We are expecting news in early January

Book Swap

The first SEES Book Swap was a great success. Students donated 290 books and 130 of these were donated to the library. Another 40 books were given to the kindergarten classes. Each student that donated a book was given the opportunity to pick out a book for free, and many students also bought books for gifts. Over $118 was raised for the PTO. Thanks to everyone that participated.

San Elijo Elementary PTO Updates

Shopping online for the Holidays? Every time you make an online purchase at stores like Amazon, Target, or Barnes and Noble and 1,000s of other online stores, you can earn money for SEES. Here’s how:
  1. Go to www.goodshop.com
  2. Enter “San Elijo Elementary” in the dialog box asking, “Who do you support?”
  3. Click Verify.
  4. Click on your store of interest, shop, and a percentage (typically 2-7%) of your purchase will be contributed directly to SEES. LAST QUARTER WE RAISED $270.00 FOR SEES
Opening for Crossing Guard
SEES is in need of a crossing guard to work on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays from 3:05p-3:35p beginning January 2012. This crossing guard will direct walkers and drivers at the traffic signal on the hill at San Elijo Road and Schoolhouse Way. This is a paid position through the district.  If you are interested, please submit your application via http://www.edjoin.org and contact Mr. Versteeg, Assistant Principal at 760-290-2604.
New Fundraising Opportunity
It’s here! Now there’s a fundraising opportunity, which will allow you to make a donation to SEES with every swipe of your new SEES Capital One Visa card. When you use this
Visa card, SEES receives:
  • $50 after your first purchase and
  • 1–2% on all other purchases

For more information and to apply for the new SEES Visa, go to www.cardlabconnect.com/sees


San Elijo Elementary PTO update 9.12.11

Family Fun Night

Do you think you have a MINUTE TO WIN IT? All SEES families are invited to join as a community for FAMILY FUN NIGHT! We’ll enjoy Minute to Win It games, Eagle Play activities, and shake our tail feathers to some great music. So pack your favorite dinner/refreshments and head over for a good old fashion picnic on the school lawn Wednesday from 6-8pm. Each grade is encouraged to wear the following colors: Red-5th grade, Yellow-4th grade, Blue-3rd grade, Green-2nd grade, Orange-1st grade, and Purple Kindergarten. The courtesy of a picnic blanket or low back chairs is appreciated.

Gift Wrap Fundraiser

This week the PTO kicks off its annual Innisbrook Gift Wrap Fundraiser. 40% of the proceeds go back to SEES. On Friday, your child(ren) (grades 1-5) will attend an assembly and bring home catalogs and order forms. Kindergarteners will not attend the assembly but they will still be able to participate. This is a great opportunity to stock up on holiday gifts and wrapping paper, bows, cards, etc. and help your school at the same time!If your child would like to participate in the fundraiser, please encourage them to contact family members, friends and neighbors to view the catalog and make purchases. Families can order online or use the form in the packet. If your child sells 10 or more items, bring the “ticket” on the back of the kick off letter on designated days/times to receive a Hank the Hippo for their back pack. Also, there are instant prizes this year – parents will be informed if their child has won one automatically when they place their order online. Orders need to be turned in by October 7th. As always, we appreciate your support and all the proceeds from this fundraiser benefit the students of SEES.

School Site Council Openings

The School Site Council is an elected group of parents and staff. Its primary responsibility is to review and approve the annual Single Plan for Student Achievement including our School Improvement Budget expenditures. Application forms went home last week in the Wed. envelope. If you are interested in serving on School Site Council for the remainder of this school year and next year, please submit your application via email to Mrs. McDonell.


Interview with David Horacek for San Marcos School Board

We sent San Marcos School Board incumbent David Horacek few SEH relevant interview questions. David was elected to the board four years ago, and is seeking re-election on November 4th.

What suggestions do you have about school drop off traffic and it’s impact on some neighborhoods in San Elijo Hills?

The increased traffic this year is definitely noticeable and I’m sure a source of frustration for most involved.  I know that both principles and staff have put a great deal of time and thought into mitigating the effects of the traffic.  They have coordinated the schedules of both schools to avoid drop off and pick up at the same times and have created detailed plans to keep our children safe and the flow of traffic moving.  I live near both San Elijo Hills Schools and our family has been affected by this issue as well.  Last year we drove everyday to pick up and drop off and now this year we coordinate with other parents in the neighborhood and take turns walking groups of kids to school and picking them up (“the walking School bus”).  For those that drive, when possible carpooling is another option to reduce the number of cars on the road.  If parents do drive it’s very important that they follow the rules that have been established by each school to keep the flow of traffic moving.  For instance there is a drop off lane at San Elijo Hills Elementary that is meant only to drop the children off and then drive away.  One of the problems I have observed is parents getting in the drop off lane and then getting out of the car and walking their child to the classroom.  The problem with this is that it congests the drop off lane and stops the flow of traffic.  These rules are there to keep the flow of traffic moving and our kids safe.

Did you vote to cut bussing?

No I did not. When the SMUSD board was presented with the option of cutting bussing I was the only board member that voted no.

How can San Elijo Hills schools plan for the 300-400 more homes to be eventually built?

Projections done by the district show that the two schools will be large, but each will be able to accommodate the community with the possibility of some boundary changes towards the most northerly section of San Elijo Hills.  If there are any boundary changes in the future it will be my goal to ensure those changes only impact the new residents of the homes that have yet to be built.  Principals will work closely with district personnel to ensure that the campuses are safe, students are housed, highly qualified teachers are in every classroom, and that the academic needs of students are being met.

Could San Marcos School District build another school as originally envisioned in San Elijo Hills to help with crowding?

The previous SMUSD Board was involved in these planning decisions, including the purchase or non purchase of land in SEH.  To be honest, it does not seem probable at this time that SMUSD would have the resources to build another school that would only accommodate 300 to 400 homes.  The cost of land in the San Elijo community is cost prohibitive for a second elementary school.  Even at complete build out, the number of students would not justify two elementary schools sites.  It is my goal to ensure we are able to accommodate all of the residents of this community within the existing schools while also keeping an eye on making sure they don’t get over crowded.

With the economic crisis further impacting the California budget how can San Marcos School District keep its budget in line and survive the crisis.

This year SMUSD has received virtually no cost of living allocation (COLA) increase and it appears that will be the case for the next few years.  However SMUSD is very fortunate in that we are still growing and that growth will continue to bring in increased tax revenues to help offset new costs to our district even with the state cuts.  We need to focus the limited dollars available on three specific areas which have made an impact on continued student achievement in San Marcos: 1) professional development, 2) intervention for students who have not yet achieved proficiency and extended learning opportunities for students who have mastered the standards, and 3) time for on-going teacher collaboration.

How can more of our tax dollars make it in the class rooms?

We need to continue working with both employee unions to ensure that we are able to honor the hard work and dedication of all our employees and still be able set aside a portion of your hard earned tax dollars and put them back in the classrooms where they are needed.  This is a very attainable goal that will require a collaborative efforts from the Board, Administrative staff and both Employee groups.

What are your goals for your next term?

Students in SMUSD are some of the highest performing students in the region and each year we improve our academic achievement.  SMUSD has now exceeded the state’s API target of 800.  SMUSD has an API of 810, up 24 points from last year.  My goals are very simple; keep the academic standards high, work with the district and the community to modernize San Marcos High School and other aging schools in our district and maintain laser focus on fiscal responsibility while ensuring the employee compensation is generous yet making sure we set aside money each year for our kids.

What can San Elijo Hills parents do to make the city of San Marcos and the San Elijo Hills area one of the best for education in the state?

Honestly, I think we have the best parents in the county.  We have the most envied PTO groups in the district and some of the most active parent volunteers in the district.  In the end the best we can do as parents is support our schools, teachers and children, and if possible volunteer at our children’s schools.  I personally am fortunate enough to be able to volunteer two hours a week every Tuesday to a new program at San Elijo Hills Elementary called “Eagle Play.” This is a program that allows students to play games like tug of war, kick ball, sack racing, and many other fun and entertaining games every Tuesday and Thursday during their recess.  My wife Becky also volunteers every Monday (alternating between our two kids) in the classroom and last year served on the SEES PTO.  Research has stated that students are most successful when parents are actively involved in their child’s education. Positive active parents help build a bond between the parents, community, Schools, and our kids. If you are interested in knowing more about me and my candidacy please go to www.dhoracek.com

Editors note all San Marco candidates are welcome to contact us to conduct an interview.