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Tree removal agreement forged | The Coast News Group

SAN MARCOS — When developers built the San Elijo Hills community in the early 2000s, they purposely lined the streets with sweetgum trees, whose leaves change colors during the fall, to give the community a quaint, small-town feel. More than a decade later, the decision to plant the trees has become problematic, as the root system of the trees is starting to lift and crack the sidewalks. To that end, San Marcos and San Elijo Hills officials have forged an agreement to remove and replace more than 30 of …Please

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San Elijo Life Editors Note: The trees are not going away. The trees will be replaced with a species with a less invasive root structure, such as Chinese Pistache and Crape Myrtle. Both are currently used in San Elijo Hills Town Center on side streets and around the clock tower and they have fall color. 30 trees to start and evaluated each year for sidewalk issues. Please attend HOA and City meetings to learn more.



What is the status of the tree issue?


What is the status of the tree issue?

The San Elijo Hills Association created a tree committee and got the board to sign off on a new report from a brush management fire risk evaluator Firewise 2000. San Elijo Hills Association Board needs to now make its decision on the report, and then if any tree removal should take place, then they will be done because fire risk is being prioritized as the number one priority. San Elijo Hill’s has to keep fire risk at the top of the list when making decisions. The SEHA and the tree committee recognize that there may be other impacts from removing trees, including concern over privacy or aesthetics. However, it’s difficult to put privacy or aesthetics in front of protecting the safety of people’s home. Some home owners have had fire insurance canceled as a result of tree on common area slope (we suspect highly flammable pines) The board is sensitive to these other concerns, but a full plan as to how the issues will be resolved has not yet been fully developed. Generally SEH as a community, the majority of slopes have minor to no issues. So most people will not notice any appreciable visual change in our community. There are only pockets of areas that have concerns and they tend to be in the older parts of SEH (see the attachment). This is what the board is now quantifying so they can make some decisions.

What do you think SEH?

Here is the Firewise 2000 reports and summery

Tree Committee Report for Board Meeting June 10 final
Read this document on Scribd: Tree Committee Report for Board Meeting June 10 final
Firewise ReportSanElijo5 (5)
Read this document on Scribd: Firewise ReportSanElijo5 (5)
Firewise ltr042008-1 (2)
Read this document on Scribd: Firewise ltr042008-1 (2)