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Burglar disguised as utility worker shows up on social media – CW6 San Diego

Burglar disguised as utility worker shows up on social media

Investigators with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department are looking into a series of burglaries that may be linked. Surveillance video shows a man disguised as a utility worker with a reflective vest and hardhat. Read and watch video via source: Burglar disguised as utility worker shows up on social media – CW6 San Diego

Complete Video and Photos from San Elijo Hills Town Center Development Meeting

Watch the Facebook Live video stream of the Town Center update from the developer Ambient Communities as they share proposed plans and elevations for development in the second phase of San Elijo Hills Town Center.

Join the conversation on our Facebook page with over 205 comments so far. Here are some design and overview maps and photos from the meeting.


BRADLEY ST NORTH CORNER Site Plan that goes with dimension plan Phase 1 (Click to see over view site map)SOUTH CORNER EAST CORNER-2 Site plan that goes with dimension plan All phases (Click to see over view site map)

Package Theft San Marcos – San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

Take a good look at the surveillance photo of a woman wanted in a connection with a package theft in San Marcos. It happened on March 31st just before 1:00 p.m. in the 2500 block of Corbel Way.

Package Theft San Marcos – San Diego County Sheriff’s Department from San Diego County Sheriff on Vimeo.

Surveillance video shows a woman knocking at the front door then holding up a piece of paper to cover her face from the camera. She then picks up two UPS packages and walks out of the camera’s view. They contain household items estimated at $100.

Someone out there knows the suspect. If you recognize her, call the San Marcos Sheriff’s Station and ask for Detective Monica Brown at (760) 510-5200.

Keep these safety tips in mind when ordering items online:

• Choose a shipping option so you can sign for delivery. Request friends and relatives sending you a package to do the same and ask for a tracking number.
• Keep an eye on the package’s delivery status. Sign up for email or text alerts.
• Ship the package to another location such as your office if you won’t be home to receive it.
• Leave special instructions on where to deliver packages (behind bushes, side or back patio, etc.).
• Choose delivery pickup.
• Insure your packages
• Get to know your carriers.
• Be a good neighbor. Look out for each other.
• Report suspicious activity or vehicles to the Sheriff’s Department. Call (858) 565-5200.

It is a federal offense to steal mail or packages delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS). These investigations are handled by the United States Postal Inspection Service.

PERSONAL ASSISTANT FOR YOUR GROWING BUSINESS – Monday Morning Concierge – Available Now!

It’s Monday morning… drinking first cup of coffee. Just thinking about the week ahead. 

Running out of time each day with so much to do like planning your company’s conference, preparing your son’s high school graduation party, and needing to create a new trade show display, all at the same time?

Just juggling too many things?

You can have a low cost PERSONAL ASSISTANT who has many years of business and life experience to take tasks off of your desk, accomplish things such as book your travel itinerary, help develop new business ideas, launch a sales campaign, design a brochure, update your website, or get you listed in Internet directories.

You can also ask Jerri “How To Launch A Business Using New Crowdfunding Rules.” She specialized in launching startup marketing campaigns in alternative investments in real estate, oil & gas, and hospitality for the past 16 years. Are you a startup or have a new investment offering? I understand compliance and what it really takes to get to market.

Yes, you found me!

Jerri Lyne Nachman has been a business owner in Encinitas for 35 years working with national, name brand companies as well as small home-based businesses. She founded Electronic Theater on the 4th of July, 1999 focused on launching startup campaigns to raise capital for commercial real estate offerings across the U.S. and helped create the Tenant-in-Common Association in 2003, a tax deferred real estate exchange program.

Monday Morning Concierge

Part Time Personal Assistant
“Just what you need right now!”


(760) 310-9182

Samples of my work:
Website: www.electronictheater.com
Portfolio: electronictheater/PORTFOLIO

What’s on your desk today that needs my assistance?

Anything? Just ask.

About Monday Morning Concierge:

Email your projects every Monday morning so Jerri can schedule the week.
Email: jerrilyne2016@gmail.com

Or call: (760) 310-9182

Hours of operation:

Monday: 9am – 5pm
Tuesday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday: noon – 6pm
Thursday: 9am – 3pm
Friday – Sunday: Closed (or, let’s talk)


  • Self employed: Pays own health insurance, taxes & benefits
  • An independent office, computer & Internet connection
  • A businesswoman with 35 years experience including founding 2 companies
  • Available to work Monday – Thursday on what you need each week: If you don’t need anything one week, no problem.
  • Flexible! Part time is great!
  • $35 per hour, Monday – Thursday


Jerri Lyne Nachman is an entrepreneur, designer, writer, and web developer. She is also an award winning video producer.

  • Copywriting
  • Sales writing (Call to action!)
  • Due Diligence: Market research & analysis
  • Multimedia Presentations: Video & PowerPoint
  • Video Production: 25 years award winning writer/producer
  • Website development in WordPress
  • Desktop publishing: Executive brochures, trade show displays, packaging, etc.
  • Travel planning & event planning

Here’s a sample of our commercial real estate videos (scroll down to view several videos):

A reminder to lock your doors and remove valuables from your cars

Travis Miller to ‎San Elijo Life
9 hrs · San Marcos, CA · Edited ·
Fellow neighbors… At 11:43, a silver Honda Ridgline pulled up and parked next door to my house on Antilla Way. At the same time, a dark green/purple dodge caravan dropped two-three people off by the mailboxes adjacent to eclipse and San Elijo rd. At 11:54, two people bolted to the back gate of my house while another went to the front by my side fence, then took off for the back. Around this time my dog was barking and I went downstairs and turned the light on briefly then went back upstairs where he continued to bark. I quickly went my surveillance cameras to see two of the three head to the Honda Ridgline. The 3rd wasn’t seen. I ran to the balcony window to get a description of the vehicle followed by me bolting out the door to follow (oops). As I drive up San Elijo and I looked at the new subdivision on the right, past Lexi Court and saw a similar minivan parked on the side. I caught up to the Ridgline, kept my distance, got the license plate and called the police. After a bit more pursuit, I saw them park at San Marcos Elementary. The sheriff was at my house upon return and I debriefed humans showed the video. Fortunately for my Boxer barking and me getting a snack, it stopped them from coming in the backyard and doing whatever they came to do. The car is registered in Escondido so obviously they weren’t coming to turn my power off.

Anyways, stay safe and lock up.

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