Thank You Elfin Forest Fire Station and San Marcos Fire Department

A Big San Elijo Hills Thanks to:
The crew of Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove Fire Department Brush 2861
Captain Steve Barker
Engineer Mike Shea
Firefighters Bob Berkey and Henry Vanzzini


San Marcos Fire Department Brush 1462
Captain Marchiso
Engineer Geoff Weaver
Firefighter Tom Kortrouba

These crews were instrumental in stopping the Coronado Hills fire jumping into San Elijo Hills, in extreme adverse conditions.

These crews were assigned to the flank of this fire on Attebury Road.


The helicopters who appeared “out of nowhere” on Tuesday afternoon and stopped the fire that destroyed Del Dios and tried its best to destroy Harmony Grove. These helicopter crews are the only reason Harmony Grove is still standing. San Elijo Hills needs to remember and watch fire danger up canyon in Harmony Grove and Elfin Forest…Click here to read about 1996 fire

Source Nona T. Barker

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