The Daily Dalia for 6.15

I was asked by a SEH resident how I would train a toddler to not wet their bed at night…with my children I did it the first day they were trained, I never did the diaper at night and I had success. What I would do is first is not to give them much to drink right before bedtime and made sure they go to the bathroom right before falling asleep. Then, I would THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND…put a rubber sheet on the bed (just in case)! I would have to think if a child is wearing a diaper at night they will not make an attempt to go to the bathroom if they need to in the night…they will just start a lazy habit. And talk to your child, tell them what you expect them to do if they need to go. Or wait, could it be the parent possibly being lazy??

 Let me always remind you I am not a doctor but I have heard that unless there is a medical condition a 3 year old (almost 4) should be able to make it through the night dry.

Try it, be patient, don’t yell if they wet the bed and be consistent. If this does not work I would talk to your pediatrician. GOOD LUCK


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