The Daily Dalia for 6.4

I recently visited San Sai Grill in Carlsbad and had 3 gripes-

1. Why do I have to pay .50 cents more for brown rice? Lunch for 2 came to $19.00, don’t nickel and dime me for brown rice since your prices are already a little on the high side.

2. If I’m eating in your restaurant can I please have silverware? They had the cheapest forks and knives which I had a very hard time cutting my salad.

3. Please, do not yell out the order numbers every 15 seconds for customer pick up. At Daphne’s they give you a number to put at your table and they deliver the food to you. I was honestly getting anxiety from all the noise.

After lunch I got back to the office and immediately went on their website to voice my concerns. That was a week ago and I have yet to hear back from them…great customer service!!

I must say though, the food was good.


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