The Daily Dalia for 6.8

So, San Marcos climbs above 80,000 people. I am close to needing to move and I do love the Lake San Marcos area, all I know is I will not consider any house that I have to drive east on San Marcos Blvd from my job in Carlsbad to go home. I really don’t know how people deal with that road without taking valium. It’s a shame because there are some nice homes off the 78. Before it only used to be crowded at rush hour, now it does not matter what time of day it is and it occurs all weekend too.

Sometimes I feel like a prisoner to a 5 mile radius of my house because I just can’t bring myself to deal with the traffic. But, I guess if you have to be a prisoner, San Diego is a beautiful jail.

Oh, and speaking of traffic, don’t forget the Del Mar Fair opens today.

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