APRIL 3, 2010 10AM-4PM
Your friends and neighbors are some of the most creative and avid gardeners on the planet. This year the garden festival will have five host gardens. Each garden is unique. Several feature art incorporated into unique landscape design with many specimen plants,” said Bonnie Baumgartner, Chairperson of the 2010 Garden Festival. “One has a French culinary garden and spacious vistas, while another has fantastic whimsy, metal sculptures and topiary seen only in places like the Wynn hotel. Our ‘green’ garden celebrates the beauty of our native Californian plants and features a planted, green roof; another features reflective nooks with water elements of Zen tranquility, and entertaining areas.” Tickets will be available for $20 and may be purchased online at Day of event tickets are $25 each. Tickets and maps to the gardens can be picked up the day of the event the Elfin Valley Nursery, 20110 Elfin Forest Lane, Elfin Forest,CA. To preview the gardens and learn more please visit the website at


  • Don from Cailstoga

    I’ve been to this several times and it is very interesting and a pleasant afternoon, even if you are not a hyper-serious gardener.

  • I agree, this is really a great way to spend an afternoon checking out really different homes and gardens, even if you are not a big gardener per se. They usually have a wide variety of gardens, on minimum of 2 acres, so a chance to take a peek at beautiful estate-type gardens.

  • A really fun garden tour, plus it is a good way to get to know the Elfin Forest neighbors!

  • We love garden tours because you get that rare chance to peek into others worlds. We’ve taken our parents on this tour of private estate gardens for a number of years now and always come away with hundreds of ideas. In our experience most of the gardens are fairly accessible but not for handicapped. Also, like all garden tours, its an adults event. Most garden tours limit the ages to 12 and above but check the website when you buy your tickets. Wear comfortable shoes, a hat, prepare to walk…and be dazzled.

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