The Questhaven Project consists of 76 single-family residential homes near San Elijo Hills

The Project includes a Tentative Map (PDS2020-TM-5643), a Site Plan (PDS2022-STP-22-018), and an Administrative Permit (PDS2020-AD-20-011).

The Questhaven Project (Project) consists of a Tentative Map, Site Plan, Density Bonus Permit, and an Administrative Permit on approximately 89.23 acres (Figure 4). The Project consists of 76 single-family residential homes on 18.27 acres, recreation uses on 0.31 acres, and water quality detention basins on 2.4 acres. The Project also includes open space on approximately 63.9 acres that would provide for biological open space and fuel-modification zones. The Project is designed to cluster development in the northern portion of the Project site in order to allow for the development of residential uses while providing biological open space in the southern portion of the site.  The Project also includes 0.09-acre of off-site clearing within an existing right-of-way. The Project proposes seven affordable housing units as part of the Density Bonus application. The Project density is consistent with the General Plan Designations of the property by calculating density on the property in accordance with the Density Bonus Program defined by State law and the County Zoning Ordinance (Figure 3). Zoning Use Regulations for the site is Rural Residential (RR) and Open Space (S80). The General Plan Designations for the Site are Semi-Rural (SR-1 and SR-10) and the General Plan Regional Categories for the site are Semi-Rural and No Jurisdiction. The Project is located in unincorporated San Diego County within the San Dieguito Community Plan Area on approximately 89.23 acres, immediately south and west of the City of San Marcos and east of the City of Carlsbad (Figures 1 and 2).  Interstate 5 (I-5) is located approximately 5.3 miles west of the Project site.  Specifically, the Project site is located south of San Elijo Road and east of Denning Drive.  Access to the site would be from San Elijo Road to the north.

Participation instructions and the powerpoint slides presented at the meeting are at the links below:

NOP Scoping Meeting Powerpoint Slides