The Resort at San Elijo Hills-email from developers

The Resort at San Elijo Hills

What if you could have your own little mini-resort right here in San Elijo Hills?

Would you be willing to pay anywhere from $80-$135 a month to secure a membership at a private club that would give you exclusive access to an elegantly designed resort style pool with a ‘splash pad’, a separate adult spa and children’s pool, an enormous pool deck and patio areas with cabanas, expansive lawn area for open space events, special events area with gazebo and spectacular Westerly views, multiple picnic areas with gas BBQ’s, sand volleyball court, basketball court, as well as lush, full landscaping?

Would you gather up your friends and neighbors for an afternoon of sand volleyball and BBQ? Would you meet fellow moms and their kids to swim and play in the water on a warm summer day? Would you get your friends together for a game of basketball and a picnic on the grass? Would you plan your next special event outdoors overlooking the ocean? Would you spend a Saturday afternoon lounging in the sun and chatting with neighbors?

These are the kinds of opportunities that would be afforded to members of The Resort at San Elijo Hills if the project moves forward. When the owners of the tennis club that was to be built on the corner of Questhaven and Wild Canyon, realized their dream was no longer feasible due to the shift in the financial market, they started talking to other local contacts to see if they could find another solution that would be more financially feasible. Geyser Holdings came up with a proposal that, with enough potential membership interest, could quickly materialize.

The Resort at San Elijo Hills would be the kind of place where we could get together as neighbors, host events or just escape for relaxation right here in our backyard….our own little La Costa.

If this is something you’d be interested in looking into for your family, send an email to and let them know you’d like to be on their “Founding Members” interest list. The more interest they receive, the more they will move forward with details on the project.

There are more details as to how the membership costs are structured, but the important thing at this point is to express interest so those details can be finalized and initiated. Right now, Founding Members would be committing to $135/month for the first five years after which time the price would go down significantly (down to around $20/month) and the membership could be transferred to new homeowners should you sell your home (could be a nice little perk for your house someday).

Please respond this weekend if you’re interested. They have a meeting schedule on Monday where some decisions will be made related to the project.


  • HELL NO.

    go with the original plan, it doesnt cost anymore than this garbage.
    is it even legal to change the original plan completely? i doubt very much

  • no no no no no no no no no no. i will not pay the increase in HOA fees and i will definitely not become a founding member. it’s ridiculous.

  • It’s a little late to be ‘thinking about the community’ – we’ve all landscaped our yards to take into consideration that you were building a commercial Tennis facility and that San Elijo would not have a community pool.

    You should sell the land to someone who will put in a nice restaurant (we could use one of those). Sell it to someone who will not expect the community to guarantee their commercial endeavor.

  • yes, I love the idea.

  • The activities sound great, but the price is way too high. We would love a pool and spa area but $80 a month is too much. Especially without tennis courts or other sporting activities.

  • lets go with the original plan. fitness building, some tennis courts, pool, basketball court. and everyone will be happy.

  • 4s Renter looking at SEh

    Not suggesting you model anything after 4s ranch but they have a boys and girls club ($60 annual membership) and LA fitness (30 a month with no money down).

    Hopefully the developers will combine the great features of both of these places (B&G Club and LA Fitness) and create a place for SEH residents.

    Will it be restricted to only SEH residents?

  • there is no way they will find 640 people to pay them $130 a month. if they think they CAN get that many people, they are either drunk or high or just stupid.

    just go with the original plan. how much does the original plan cost? go with the original plan and charge all the San elijo residents $15 a month. should cover all the costs.

  • I like the idea of the original club better…
    we have been hoping / waiting for a Swim & Raquet Club in SEH.

  • Seriously? There is NO way I would pay to belong to this “Resort” without a fitness facility or tennis. In this economic climate, they are crazy to think that a pool and some nice landscaped areas are enough to attract members. It must be all-inclusive with a gym, pool, tennis, etcetera for people to feel this is worth while. We have plenty of friends with pools right here in San Elijo, so someone better start rethinking this thing!

  • Love the idea!!! I’ve emailed them already tell them so.

  • no way they can find that many people.

    too bad. go with the original plan

  • Love the concept and the idea cost is high for the market but it is better than looking at a big box fitness facility which we have so many of in the surrounding areas. At home moms and families would really be able to use this as a gathering place to meet up and relax together. The fitness/ tennis/ pool idea was great but there is no way that small piece of land would support all of that and parking.

  • Valid point, but they should have considered that when they got everyone excited about the original plan. How did the city even approve a plan that was unworkable from an available-space perspective?

  • good point ron.

    because they are bunch of idiots.

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