• I can’t make this, so I hope someone posts on it here.

  • I couldn’t make it either. I never saw the agenda posted on the community site. Seems like the same old program of limited disclosure will be the course with our new board. It would be great if a cliff notes version of the meeting would at least be posted here. An agenda would be great too.

    • Yep, we’re back to the “that’s all that’s required by law” or “the board agreed with” answer to everything, terse minutes, an uninformative website, and the continuation of the massive gap between what we were promised and what has been delivered.

      I guess there’s one silver lining: if the new board doesn’t improve its relations and communications with the community, we now know how easy it is to launch a recall.

      • concerned local

        I am surprised they didn’t flash something on that obnoxious ticker sign on the middle school, that the developers bought. There names were flashing on that thing for months, stating they donated it.

        Tom- You contact the developer yet about the lack of townsquare?
        I was there a few weeks ago, with my son, checking out the diggers, and the construction guy told me the developer was showing the land to a gym to buy. May be worth checking into. Stop him before he sells it, if he hasn’t yet.

        You’re the Man to lead the protest! Go Tom!

      • Concerned, since the community has decided that they want a board pliant to the developers wishes, who am I to tilt at windmills? In case you didn’t notice, the vote was 10:1 in favor of the recall, and we now have a board that is majority associated with the developer and walters.

        Ron has taken the position of power behind the throne, so he is the guy to talk to about organizing anything.

        As far as a gym, as long as, architecturally, it fits, a gym might actually be a good fit. It would draw people into the area, which would then patronize other retail.

        If I were designing something based on a gym, I’d have the gym on the ground floor, and “professional office” space above it.

        However, at this stage, I plan on observing the new board, and my focus will be on more open and transparent governance.

        You can’t have it both ways: You wanted the board that ran on holding their feet to the fire recalled, so now there’s no-one to hold their feet to the fire.

  • So, all of a sudden we have complete silence on what is going on with the board. Funny. I thought that everyone on this blog was really interested in having an open and accountable board, and keeping an eye on, and informing the community about, what is going on.

    At least the Community website, at sanelijohills.net, has been updated with the new officers, although no-one has posted anything here.

    Still no agenda or minutes, however.

    FWIW, the new officers are:

    Stephen Kirkland President
    Tim Minjares Vice President
    Sarah Vollrath Treasurer
    Hale Richardson Secretary
    Jeff Tuller Director-at-Large

    From the looks of it, we’ve got a bloc that has decided to sideline Jeff.

    I hope that Sarah is a better Treasurer than she was Secretary. It’s one thing to fail to get minutes done properly or timely, but with Millions of our $ at stake, we need someone who keeps their eye on the kitty and handles matters of finance on time.

    Let’s see how things develop. The start has not been promising. In this case, no news is not good news.

    • concerned local

      What !!
      Jeff is not Treasurer? He is the Money-Bags! That is surely disappointing, as myself and others voted for him, b/c of his financial, biz sense. Maybe DL is good and will keep his fingers in all the offices.

      In retrospect, I need to rescind my opinion of Tim and agree with you Tom. Even though he is an Ad-Man and not a journalist, there is NO way he will ever do an unbiased investigative piece about SEH, and include the Bad, the things that need to improve, or even prod the developer about the lack of towncenter, inadequate school-size the developer built for a community with lots of kids, trailers in the elementary schoolyard, etc..

      All b/c he wouldn’t want to step on the developers toes and get his newspaper(or lack of it) banned from being delivered to all the doorsteps.

      –There, you were/are Right Tom.

      • Who is DL?

        If you mean Stephen, he’s a lawyer, not an accountant.

      • concerned local

        director at large

      • I’m glad we agree that iIm isn’t the guy to hold the developer’s feet to the fire, although I think we disagree a bit about the reasons.

        First, the developer and the HOA can’t stop him from distributing his paper. The Fountain is not the only thing that gets dropped on my doorstep. This is sitl the USA, and there is a right of free speech.

        Second, his being on the board makes it a conflict, and probably a breach of confidentiality and duty, if he does comment on board matters in his paper (which is why I thought he shouldn’t be on the board).

        Third, and the real reason I don’t think he’s the right guy: he owes the existence of his business, and a significant portion of the total revenue of his business over the past few years, to the developer. As such, he can’t be considered impartial or a “homeowner representative”.

        All that having been said: the voters have spoken. Ron, who has been silent as a door-mouse since his gloating over the “mercy rule” invoking margin of victory of the recall, handed the board back to the developer.

        All we can do is watch what happens.

        The good news, as I said, is that we now know how easy it is to mount a recall, so if the finances are not properly managed, and the board engages in actions in secret that should be public, we know how to deal with it.

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