Trick or Treat at the Caballero’s a fundraiser for San Elijo Elementary PTO

Stephanie and I are happy to announce our yearly Haunted House at our home for the KIDS…

This year our theme is Scary Clowns! There will be 3-7th graders inside scaring the kids plus we will also have a non scary area for children to trick or treat!

Just like last year, our Company will TRIPLE what we collect and donate it to the San Elijo Elementary PTO…. Entrance is only $1 dollar per person!

Please join us at 715 Leeward Avenue, Mariner’s landing as soon as it is nighttime! Our street is off Hollowbrook.

Stephanie and Mario


  • WOW! who thought that “scary clowns” as a theme for a CHILDREN’S halloween celebration was a bright idea?!?! ooooof.

    and this “typo” is quite unfortunate but so true:

    “There will be 3-7th graders inside *scarring* the kids…”

    yes, they will definitely be scarred after this experience.