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University Heights Update From:
Kevin Barnard
The Escondido Creek Conservancy

University Heights, as we all know, is a critical piece of open space that could either be a wonderful asset to our community–502 acres of open, protected space, with hiking and horse trails in a pristine habitat–OR could become the first of many dominos to threaten our community with a proposed development of upwards of 1000 houses on our northern border stretching from San Elijo Hills to Harmony Grove.  Please take a moment to read the appeal from The Escondido Creek Conservancy who is on the verge of making a breakthrough on this property, but need our help to do so.  They are short $24,034 to pay the option fees on this property which buys them time to find the remaining public agency buyers to keep this property out of developer hands.  Please, take a moment to make a contribution to help keep Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove rural.

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”
― Gary Snyder

In the dramatic countdown to the year end deadline to purchase the 502 acre property on the edge of Elfin Forest known as University Heights, here is the latest update from The Escondido Creek Conservancy (TECC).

The campaign to purchase this property falls into two parts: raising the funds for the actual purchase ($8 million) and raising $100,000 for the option fees to keep the transaction alive.

TECC is negotiating with various agencies to secure the purchase price, and the good news is that 75% of the money has been identified.  The purchase of University Heights is a major priority for some of the agencies and we remain hopeful that the remaining 25% can be found by the end of the year to save this important landscape that acts as a buffer between Elfin Forest and the urban sprawl beyond.


Regarding the option fees; with the support of the TECC membership and the generosity of the local community, a total of $75,966.00 has been raised this year to date and three of the four option payments have been made.  To keep the property in option we need your help to make the final payment due on October 1st.  If you have been considering making a contribution to this project then NOW is the time to do so. We must raise $24,034 by the end of this month.

Please think about the value you place on preserving the natural open space around Elfin Forest and give whatever you can afford now to the University Heights project.  Send your check to TECC at P.O.Box 460791, Escondido, CA 92046 noting ‘University Heights’ on the check, or give on-line at

With your help we can save this beautiful wildlife habitat and preserve the rural atmosphere of the Elfin Forest community for future generations.

Thank you for your support.

Kevin Barnard
The Escondido Creek Conservancy

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