• Disappointed about the addition of a Starbucks.

  • Why in the world would we need a Starbucks?? There is one at Albertsons and Stoked has specialty coffees.

  • I’m just happy something is FINALLY happening and that they will go ahead with the final phase this year. I honestly don’t care if they put a mcdonalds in at this point.

  • Excited to see Lordes Mexican Food, we love their chicken soup!

  • Kick SBUX out and put in a Dunkin’

  • The whole place is going to be a mess. Minimum number of parking spaces provided for commercial businesses. NO restaurants should be allowed as they require more parking per city code…… not that it applies to San Elijo Hills. Half the space is shown as restaurants but no provision made for restaurant parking. Existing traffic nightmare just about to get a lot worse. Den$ity Den$ity Den$ity

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