Want to try trail running? Our trail running programs start August 16th! 

Want to try trail running? Our trail running programs start August 16th!   
Have you ever wanted to try trail running but were afraid to start? Trail running doesn’t have to be intimidating when you learn the ins and outs of how to stay safe while on the trails, what gear you need (it’s less than you think!), proper trail running form and much more from an experienced coach.

In our all-new laid-back, supportive, non-competitive and FUN trail running programs, runners get detailed training plans, weekly coached runs, unlimited contact with the coach, email newsletters, a discount from The Running Center in Carlsbad, product samples, a technical t-shirt, informational seminars on nutrition, injury prevention and much more! We are training for the Lake Hodges 15K and 5K on October 24th. Race registration isn’t included in the program fee but we have a rocking discount code for you.                                     

To learn more, check out our website: http://bit.ly/SoleTrailRunning

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