Wear your Bolts – or else?

According to one miffed parent, a vice-principal at the San Elijo Middle School in San Marcos broadcast an edict yesterday over the school’s public-address system telling the kids they were allowed only to wear San Diego Chargers gear today.David Kuba, who hails from New England, says his 11-year-old twin son and daughter are both Patriots fans. They’re pretty ticked, he says, and so is he.

“We don’t gloat over the Patriots or bash the Chargers, but kids should be able to wear whatever they want,” Kuba said. “This is ridiculous.”

He said his kids wanted to wear their Patriot gear, but he didn’t want them to get in trouble.

(Chances are, they probably wouldn’t have been sent home for not wearing yellow and blue, but they might have had a hard time with it anyway.)

Source SD UT 


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