What do we all think about the San Elijo Hills Albertsons?

We think the store is amazing and we are so lucky to have such a great local supermarket!

Thank you San Elijo Hills Development, City of San Marcos and Albertsons!

I do think the store exits are hilarious, how you have to squeeze out 2 small side doors. I’m sure a Subway, Cold Stones type shops will soon wrap outside the Albertsons. The key was to get the anchor tenant open then the rest will fall in place. The San Elijo Hills Town Center vacant parcel, on the other hand, is years off…maybe it should just be a park?

Thoughts, Suggestions and Ideas?


  • We are so proud of our Albertsons! We were able to walk to the store the first week open from Promontory Ridge!

    I was also amazed at the small exit doors – I thought it would be a real challenge in case of an emergency & everyone had to get out in a hurry!

    I do hope the city keeps the master plan for the vacant parcel – it would be wonderful to see shops, services, restaurants and activities going on in our town! We already have a beautiful park.

    San Elijo Hills is a wonderful gift and a beautiful community. Once our town is built out, it will be a very desirable place to live and property values will soar. I’m amazed at the fantastic “bargains” out there right now. They won’t last forever.

  • I don’t think the main part of the Town Center should be a park. There is plenty of park space in the rest of SEH.

    Once Albertson’s shows how well it’s going to do and the other shops going up next do well, I think we’ll see the main part of the Town Center move quicker. Just my opinion.

    I definitely want to see shops/restaurants there, and not just a park. I would be very disappointing if they just made it a park.

  • I’m very happy with Albertsons – only thing that I think is missing is a Salad bar.

    In my opinion, the towncenter should be what was promised – a towncenter. We already have 19 acres of park a mere block away. I especially want restaurants so that I can walk to dinner instead of driving somewhere. SEH has always been marketed as a walkable community, but it won’t truly be that until there are more businesses you can actually walk to! That said, I believe it will be a few years before we see anything developed…which is unacceptable. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what to do about this situation other than complain about it on this blog.

  • Loving having the Albertsons. It seems a bit pricey, but is nice. I agree about the park and fountain. They are pretty, but it seems a bit awkward to hang out there with all the traffic around. I also look forward to restaraunts and shops. Too bad the French cafe is so mediocre. I was they had better food at a better price.

  • Having no deli sandwiches made to order stinks too. Meat and seafood section has nice selections. Exit doors are a joke….

    Hopefully other stores\shops will be built soon. Mr Taco, deli, pizza, pub, bakery, etc…

    I woulld take a nice park over looking at a dirt lot for the next several years.

  • I for one would love more park space. It is not far to the “shops” and “stores” and I am tired of sprawling urban decay. A pub would be nice but it is so far down the road in happening, I’d rather convert that empty lot into park space and have some beauty to look at instead of the dirt and weeds.

    Albertsons is a bit pricey and the organic section is tiny with overpriced green non organic vegetables…too bad it is not a trader joes or whole foods…with a deli:)

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Albertsons! The pharmacy is quick and efficient. They have made to order sandwiches- you just have to ask at the deli counter. My husband is in the grocery business for 15 years now and was very impressed. Of course I would prefer a Trader Joe’s but this is the best possible alternative.

  • not a fan of the new albertsons. having the lowest-end brand of supermarkets in our town (a step above Stater Bros) really brings down the look and feel of the san elijo hills experience. at first we were told by numerous people who were “in the know” about SEH and its development that the supermarket was either going to be a Bristol Farms or Henrys/Trader Joes/Whole Foods/Jimbo type store. that would have added real value and appreciation to our properties.

  • I’m liking the new Albertson’s, but maybe merely because it’s there! The produce dept always looks nice and the pharmacy is great. The layout is different…especially with the organic dairy being separated from the regular.
    I would love to see more stores and shops. Wouldn’t it be something if people came from San Marcos and Encinitas to shop in SEH?
    I think we have plenty of parks. If we had another one it would be $$ in landscaping and watering, with no opportunity for profit like a storefront would have.

  • Sales have slowed after the Grand Opening and it’s hard for staff to get hours as a result. They’re also considering cutting back the hours they’re open. I told Albertson look for more sales around back to school time as SEH tends to be out and about on vacation or at the beach.

    I think it’s important that we all support the store as its results will determine a lot about the rest of the SEH town center. I do miss the Von’s deli and Trader Joes and Henry’s for fruit …but the SEH Albertsons is a nice compromise and they have my full monthly budget for food.

    PS- we also need to support the cafe!

  • i wholeheartedly agree about supporting the cafe. they have cut their hours since the starbucks opened inside the albertsons. so much for supporting local small businesses. i fear that the town center will end up being a revolving door of various businesses opening and closing on a monthly basis due to the lack of support. i think SEH is too small of an area to have an exclusive section of business. the small number of patrons will cause many of the businesses to close or scale back. nothing looks worse than empty retail pads with lease signs in their windows.

  • I would support the cafe if the food, service, and prices weren’t so crappy. That place is lame. If they put a decent business in there it would do good.

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