• The cafe was taken over by new owners last spring. I went in the day before it closed and there were a few vendors waiting to be paid. It seemed exremely disorganized. I heard and I do not know if this is true, that the employees were being paid in a shady way. Yes, I miss it 🙁 With the right managers it could be a good little cafe.

  • Shady to say the least. My daughter worked there and they cheater her out of nearly $700 in pay. They claim there were no records showing she worked certain hours when the new management took over. She was there nearly 60 hours a week.
    Not a good experience for her first job.

  • The coffee wasn’t that good, but having the cafe was better than not having it. I miss riding my bike on the weekends and getting a breakfast burrito and coffee. I hope it opens again soon. If for anything, it would be nice to have that “bustling” town center that we used to have. I just hope the next owner is not a grump who complains loudly and openly in front of customers like the last guy. That made it difficult to concentrate on the newspaper.

  • Yeah, what a bummer about it closing; more of a bummer to hear about Tamaras daughter getting ripped off. I really did not like the coffee there, but it was nice to be able to skate and get some in the morning. Also, I was sad to see the computers go with internet access; it was awesome to be able to get coffee, breakfast and check the surf online. When the new owner ditched the computers, I knew it was shady. Lets hope we get a cool new owner and some coffee that is not watered down.


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